Playing football is definitely one of the few sports that are comparable to the game of life. This sport and leisure can teach any person the value of different things like persistence, humility, competitiveness, and resilience.


In life, those who are persistent are the ones who succeed the most in their chosen fields. Those who never surrender and give are the ones to most likely achieve their life goals and live a happy and contented life. People with undying persistence to go with their lives despite struggles and trials are like competitive football players. Football players are known to take on the challenges of the water on a daily basis. While they experience hardship dealing with the water current, cold temperature, and pressure to do well in training and practice, they don’t easily quit. Cliché as it may sound, but football players have a big heart – they don’t know how to quit. Hence, people with the mentality and heart of a football player is very likely not to give up and fulfill their life-long dreams because of it.

Sportsmanship and humility

You may have raw talent when it comes to playing football, but when you are juxtaposed to other more experienced and skilled football players; you are just like a child competing in the world of adults. Playing football teaches people humility because no matter how good you are, you are still bound to fail and to lose since there will be much better and more focused football players than you. This is why playing football makes people realize that they are vulnerable and that need to reality check for them to stay grounded while achieving their life goals. If you are following playing football sporting events, you can easily say that football players are among the most humble athletes you will meet. Just like in life, those who know how to accept defeat and their weakness are the ones who know how to cherish their small victories and to stay humble despite achieving greater victories.


Playing football is a competitive sport. Football players train hard day in and day out for them to achieve their goals and to push themselves to the limits. Playing football, needless to say, forges and shapes the heart and mind of its athletes. If you want to beat your personal time, you need to train more and smarter to the point that you are getting the most out of your retro football kits. Playing football is like the game we call life, if you don’t push yourself and you get easily disheartened and discouraged with the failures and challenges you are about to face, you cannot be successful. Going with the flow of life is what playing football teaches us.


Competitive football players are very resilient to pressure and challenges since they are expected to perform their best at any given day. Thus, playing football teaches them to stay afloat despite the challenges and issues they encounter both inside and outside their game. If you want to become the best, you have to train like a champion and not a second-rate and mediocre athlete. However, this does not mean you should not take help from other people and even equipment you use. In order to be more resilient in the sport of playing football, you need to be humble enough to listen to others’ criticisms. You may also entrust yourself with technologically-advanced equipment and gear like retro football kits in order to achieve your full potentials. These are the same with life, you get advice from people you trust and you entrust yourself with tools that will help you become a better person.

Indeed playing football is not only a competitive sport but also a giver of wisdom. If you want to be a better person and conquer your dreams and aspirations, be like a football player – persistent, humble, competitive, and resilient.