Effective bird management is the top agenda for those who live in apartment complexes, and property managers are desperate to find a long-term solution to the problem.  The problem is prevalent in small buildings too, depending on the environment. The wildlife removal companies help in removing all kinds of animals and birds that choose to live in our homes. Birds are the most common problem in homes as also bats, snakes, raccoons and squirrels that love to use our homes to build their nests and for roosting.

Bird problem is most prevalent, and it will be a mistake to think about bird control as a one-time event because birds keep coming back. You have to think about bird control in the same way as rodent and roach control that needs repetitive services at intervals to keep it away. However, for a long-term solution to the problem, you have to take steps to keep the persistent pressure on birds that are most effective in controlling it. In addition to seeking the services of an animal removal company like Mullis Brothers Services that can drive away birds effectively, you must create an environment that discourages birds to come back.

Put covers around AC and HVAC installation

Rooftop units of air conditioning and ventilation systems are the most attractive place for birds because there is no fear of human intrusion that can happen in case they prefer eaves and ledges of balconies that humans frequent. There is no better place to build a nest and enjoy complete freedom. To deter birds from living and nesting at such sites, create a cover with bird net around the installation like a cage that allows maintenance work conveniently but keeps birds away.

UV paints and gel

Place a shocking tape along the edge of the balcony that is a very inviting place for birds to perch upon. To attract birds, place drops of UV paint on the tape because birds can see the color and feel like getting close to it.  As birds come to sit on the tape and receive a shock, it begins to identify the UV paint as a source of shock and start avoiding it thereby providing the desired results in driving birds away.

Tank mix liquid repellant

For effective bird control, spray Tank Mix, a specially formulated three-part solution on structures and foliage around the building. The mixture has ingredients that repel birds as it is unable to stand the odor and taste. The overall negative impact of the mixture deters birds from frequenting those places.

Balcony water blaster

It is interesting to see the device working and scaring birds away. The device has two receptacles through which a beam of infrared light passes. When a bird lands in the path of the light beam a blast of water is sprayed on the bird that scares it away.

Every spring birds move out to look for new places to build nests, and the above measures will make your home most unattractive for birds thereby keeping it away.

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