The concept of pre-wedding photography has gained much popularity in these days and now it has become a lucrative business for many. It brings the potential to earn lots of profit. However, it has certain challenges like finding the right locations, choosing the right angles and also breaking the ice for the nervous couples.

So, as a photographer what you can do to tackle all these problems? Here are some of the important pre-wedding photography tips that will help in solving the issues and clicking the stunning couple photos that will help them to cherish the memories for long.

  1. Use Of Longer Lens For More Flattering Images

According to the professional photographers, the longer lens is considered to be perfect for the pre-weeding shoots. It helps in producing the best images that will not only compliment the best features of the subject but also help in creating great background with the blur effect and keeping focus on the subject. The mid-range lenses like that of the 50mm lens creates a distortion that helps in making the subject look plump and appealing. So better to choose 85-200 mm lens for clicking the pre-wedding shots. If you are going for the landscape shots, go for the short lens. Using the longer lens will make the couples feel relaxed and you do not have to stand close to them.

  1. Shoot In The Burst Mode

Pre-wedding shoot in the burst mode will enable to catch the fleeting moments between the couples and capture the scenes that are unexpectedly taken. The beginning of the pre-wedding shoot is really tricky when the people remain stiff and awkward. But, after clicking some pictures, they will loosen up naturally. It is the golden opportunity to click some good shots.

  1. Discuss With The Couple Beforehand

Different couples have different ideas for clicking the pre-wedding shots. Some couple wants to make it short and simple, while some want to make it look glamorous and editorial. Thus, it is very important to discuss and talk with the couples beforehand clicking the images. The best way is to meet them, or else you can talk with the couples through phone or Skype. Ask about what they like, know about their stories and ask about the important matters they want to include. Ask for what they want to include, what theme they want to use and what remarkable shoots they want to click.

  1. Tell Their Story Through The Images

Not all the photographers are good at describing the stories of the couple. But, it can be a unique idea on pre-wedding shoot. The images should be clicked in such a manner that it shows how their relationship started, how they are into the relationship for long and how they are in love with each other for the years.

Besides, choosing the location is a crucial matter. The photographer can choose a park, a garden or even a busy street to click the pictures. The professional photographer knows exactly what type of location is best for taking the casual shoots or for the vintage ones. For example, the Sussex Wedding Photographer always chooses the parks for the casual shoots and the vintage buildings to bring a dramatic look.