New Year’s Resolutions harken back to the ancient Romans, who would try to start the new year off by repaying their debts and forgiving borrowers. While modern resolutions take on a different theme, the idea remains the same. You want to be better, smarter, and stronger in the new year; better than you were last year.

The question is, how can one 24 hour period that changes a number on the calendar create an entirely new person? The answer is, it can’t, but you can make commitments to yourself. Many New Year’s Resolutions fail because they are unattainable. It is unlikely you will re-landscape your entire yard, but you may be able to start a pot of herbs in the kitchen.

Success in your new year depends on how attainable you make your goals. Everything in your life starts by taking baby steps forward. Read on to discover small changes you can make in the new year that may lead to lifelong improvements.

Grow Something

For those who believe their thumbs are more black than green, it can be hard to imagine growing vegetables or even just keeping their lawn watered. The trick to success is by starting small, buy a potted succulent, find a peace lily or a simple moss rose. These plants are hard to kill and only require infrequent amounts of watering. Commit to keeping one tiny succulent alive throughout the year, and see where it takes you!

Abstain From One Food

It is no surprise that the majority of people have a health-related resolution on their list. While significant diet changes cannot be achieved overnight, it is usually possible to cut out one, guilt-inducing, crave-creating junk food. If you find yourself addicted to soda, try removing it for the year. You can eat and drink anything else in the world, just not soda. By the end of the year, you may find your taste for the sugary sweet substance has disappeared altogether.

Exercise Once Weekly

Many people want to work out more often in the new year. While making a big commitment to go running everyday may result in a healthier you, it is highly unlikely you will maintain such a rigorous schedule. The best plan of action would be to try going for a walk once a week. Over time, you can increase your workout schedule, but your New Year’s Resolution only ever dictates one walk per week.

Try Something For 30 Days

They say the difference between a one-off and a habit is 30 days. If you do something, everyday, for 30 days, it will become a habit for you. Whether that thing is saying “I love you,” or drinking green tea, do it for 30 days and make it a lifelong habit.