In every depth of our home has its purpose through colors and size and the area and its full. If you’ve been following the modern the trends that have been remarkable for some homeowners- then you would gladly have this article to consider your house as your fresh home.

It takes a lot of things to put up and design in your wall and the inch of areas in your home. If you feel that your home is too cozy and dull to live in? Instead of buying a new home, why not buy materials that will look good in your home? So let us start your year with a fresh home with its awesome modern décor.

Dog Year for a Dog Style

At the end of the year, we question ourselves what would be our resolution? As another year added, why not make your house inspired by this year of the dog with its dog style home? Dogs are precious, and every creation in the world is significant.

If you are a dog lover, then this is your year. You can create ideas and manipulate your home with its new trend and concept of the year of the dog. The colors that inhabit for this year of the dog are the young banana, harmonious purple, sunlight, circus top, and fascination. With this colors, you can splash it on your walls style it with the prick of your fingers. Express your bonds with dogs and styled your pillows with its dog hair. You can also hang paintings for dogs that are custom-made and its doggie fur in your bedroom and living room.

Pink Home for your Pink Skin

Are you a pink lover? Well, color your home with its new and translucent pink color at your houses and furniture. If you have a daughter, pink is mostly the favorite one of a kind color in their eyes.

This the most compelling color that every kid loved. What pink can do to your home? Well, pink has many kinds color, but this will give your home a bright and unique coloring to paint on. It will synchronize to its grand design that you can illustrate and put into your home.

Hogwarts at your Home

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, you can now decorate and refresh your home like Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. Which houses are you sorted?

  1. Hufflepuff – Thye color for Hufflepuff are yellow and black. For your home, you can decorate it with the character of dedication and loyalty. In condo makati, you can customize it with big rounded doors and place furniture like fat armchairs and hanging yellow decoration.
  2. Gryffindor –Who loves scarlet and gold? Here comes your Gryffindor type of home. Make your home daring and bold with a tinge of bravery style. Fire is the element of Gryffindor so that you can put chimney along on the different side of your home.
  3. Ravenclaw –Feeling so witty and intelligent for your home? Get and grab the opportunity to style your home like Ravenclaw. Are you a lover of the color blue and bronze? Splash this color into your bedroom and wall with its every depth of your home.
  4. Slytherin –So cunning and ambitious? Well, color your living with green and silver into your home. Let your home look like the house inspired by Slytherin and its features.

GOT inspired

Get tamed with inspired styles and designs for your home décor like Game of Thrones. Design it with luscious green color or its grey winter fell one and structure its feature with its bright and light chamber that accented with a tone of gloomy. Winterfell can be a choice of darker rooms but if you’d love to live and graciously awe with this one – try it in your home.

Feels like a Lannister? Add crystal on your lights and inspire it with a palace-like feature at the game of thrones. Adding red and gold to your walls will promptly feel right to welcome the Lannister.

All of these design and styles are much inspired and aligned with the concept of modernization. But take note, you can transform your home into elegantly living – if it is conducive to a place. Condo makati is the best example to attain your dream home with a no cost of travel expenses and does not turn your imagination on a limit. Style it with a like and value for a pocket light.