If I ask, randomly, what are the most common phrases your mom uses, I guess most of you would come up with some commonality. That’s because perhaps all moms are trained under one teacher only. Anyways, jokes apart, a few days ago I read somewhere that Indian moms are worried only about two things for their children. One, to worry about the diet of her son/daughter and two, to worry about the education. Ask your old family members and relatives and they all would agree that in their times also moms were like that. Maybe when we all would become moms, we would also behave in this ‘MOM’ way. Here are some of the most widely used messages from Indian moms that we all love to hear from her.

Why your room always remains in mess?

You don’t really have any answer to this question – right? You may be a kid or a grown up adult, but whenever your mom walks into your room, she would ask this question and start organizing your room in her own way. As a special gift for her on Mother’s Day, you can actually organize your room in a very neat and clean manner and surprise her. She would be more than happy seeing you finally grow up and taking care of own things.

What you had in lunch or dinner?

When you are with her, don’t think that she won’t ask you this question. Because if you are late for dinner or not in a mood for dinner, she would be you with the question and rebuke you for having snacks outside. When you are away at someplace else, she would call you at the time of lunch and dinner to know if you have eaten or not. Call it being over-emotional or not, but you know she cannot even eat in peace when you are away from her.


Who was that?

Whenever she sees you talk to some stranger, she would get over-protective because she thinks that everyone in this bad world is trying to manipulate her kid. As a kid we all were told not to talk to strangers, not to accept anything from strangers, and not to even pass a smile to strangers. Even when you are grown up, the “Who was that?” question never stops. She may even overhear your shrieking over the phone and later she would ask you “Who was he/she?”

Go and learn something from the next door child

This is common perhaps in all moms be it in India or away from India. She always thinks that the next door chap is smartest, modest, and must get a Noble for being the most obedient child in the world.

But you know whatever she says or does, she always thinks of our well-being. It is her care and love that pushes her to say all these things. Get Mother’s Day flower delivery for her and hug her tightly for bearing such an unbearable child.

Let this year be the best Mother’s Day for her. Show your appreciation and respect her with the unique and lovable gifts that are as amazing and astonishing as your Mom.