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London is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. You can explore historic sites, enjoy all kinds of entertainment and lots more. If you’re planning a London vacation, it’s important to plan carefully so that you choose the best itinerary for your needs. The following are four keys to planning the perfect London vacation for your family.

Decide When to Go

The first step in planning your London trip is to choose the season and dates. There really is no bad time to visit London, as there are exciting things to do all year. Late spring through summer are the most popular times to visit. This is when the weather is most pleasant. However, you’ll also have to contend with crowds and higher priced air fares and hotels.

If you can manage a trip in autumn, you’ll enjoy mild temperatures and events such as the Totally Thames Festival, a month-long celebration focused on the famous Thames river. Winter in London is chilly but not freezing, with temperatures often in the high 30s to low 40s F. The holiday season, especially between Christmas and New Year’s is also very popular, with many holiday-related events and celebrations.

Decide Where to Stay

There are many choices as to where to stay in London, ranging from hostels and budget hotels all the way up to luxury hotels. There are, of course, many choices in between as well, such as bed and breakfasts and mid-range hotels. When choosing where to stay, you’ll want to consider location as well as your budget. There are many fascinating neighborhoods in London, each with its unique charms.

If you want to be near some of the city’s famous historic attractions such as Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s Gallery, Mayfair is a good choice. Covent Garden is close to many galleries, theaters, trendy restaurants and clubs. Bloomsbury is famous for its academic and literary associations and is close to the British Library and the Charles Dickens Museum. You also want to choose a hotel that has the kind of atmosphere you prefer, whether that’s small and cozy, luxurious or modern.

Identify the Attractions You Want to See

One of the challenges of visiting a great city such as London is that there’s so much to see that you have to make choices. It would take at least a month to cover all of the amazing cultural and historic attractions. Some of the most famous landmarks include Westminster Abbey, a beautiful Gothic church whose history goes back a thousand years. Other buildings you won’t want to miss are Buckingham Palace and the infamous Tower of London.

You’ll probably want to visit at least a couple of great museums, such as the National Gallery or the British Museum. London also has great entertainment, The West End Theatre District and Piccadilly Circus have musicals, comedies, and dramas comparable to those in New York’s Times Square district. You’ll also want to spend some time exploring some of London’s shopping areas, such as Oxford Street, Westfield and Bond Street.

Plan Your Flight

Because London is such a popular destination, you have plenty of choices for airlines. If you’re looking to save money on flights, it’s best to plan your trip as far in advance as possible. As mentioned, the time of year makes quite a difference as well. You can often find better deals if you travel certain days, such as the middle of the week. It also helps to be flexible when it comes to airports and routes. For example, if you’re flying from Cleveland to London, it might be cheaper to get a connecting flight from Chicago or New York. Using apps such as Hopper makes it easy to identify the best deals.

If you want to plan an unforgettable trip to one of the world’s greatest cities, it takes some planning. Take the time to research accommodations, flights and attractions. There are many incredible things to see in London. It’s just a matter of identifying your priorities and planning the perfect trip for your family.