If you find a nine-to-five desk job boring, you might prefer a career that lets you experience the outdoors while moving at your own pace. Fortunately, there are many jobs that provide the freedom to work at something you enjoy while seeing new things every day.


A traveling sales rep typically covers a specific region or sales area for the company being represented. Often, the salesperson has a choice of how often he or she wants to be on the road or in a plane, which may range from a few days each month to most weekdays. Being in sales can also offer upward mobility and the possibility of working and training other employees in a variety of places. If you like meeting new people and the challenge of winning customers, this job could be a dream come true.


If you have expertise in a skill that is in high demand, you might be eligible to become a global or national consultant. Connecting with firms that need your expertise, you can be hired to visit the company for days or weeks at a time to review their processes and train employees to become more competent at their jobs. You might be asked to work one-to-one to train a new employee or to provide training classes for several hundred employees who are learning a new skill. People who enjoy teaching and speaking will likely do well in this type of work. If you are still at a low-level position at your job, consider getting further education and learning more about great business practices if you want to consult.

Commercial Truck Driver

There are plenty of CDL truck driver positions available for people who are eager to hit the open road. Driving a company truck to pick up or deliver various products is a great way to see the country and work independently. Many companies offer multiple ways of driving, allowing you to be flexible about when you are on the road. Delivering goods to their destination on time in all kinds of weather can be challenging, but the rewards are worth it according to thousands of drivers on the highways today.


Writing and story-telling may seem like passive activities that are handled by those who are chained to a desk. But journalists, or reporters, stay active in their jobs by going out into the community to find out what is going on and to get the facts for the public through news media. From sports to high society or local celebrations, journalists are involved in the community and play a vital role in collecting and disseminating valuable information. Journalists can become foreign correspondents or be sent abroad to investigate a story. They can often work on own their schedule except when breaking news stories demand their attention.

Whatever your passion in life, if you crave freedom and flexibility to work, there is a job to meet your needs. Consider the above careers as options to the traditional office job where you are feeling stifled and uninspired. Whether your future job is on this list or not, you are sure to find something to fulfill your dreams.