You may be screaming for help if you open your bedroom door to an avalanche of clothes. You see clothing draped across the chair, tossed on the floor and crammed into drawers because you don’t have enough closet space. Yet, you can take back your bedroom and be organized if you follow some of the following tips:

Donate Clothing You No Longer Wear

The first step is to make sure everything you own is something that you want to keep. Go through all of your clothes to see which ones no longer fit or have become outdated. Then, toss anything that looks worn, and donate those items that are in good shape but never worn. Everything else will be placed in the pile to keep. You may have some clothes that you’re hanging onto just because they’re attached to a good memory from your past. Perhaps you can keep a few such clothing items. If everything is special, then nothing is truly special. Otherwise, close your eyes tight, let go, and toss it in the donation bag.

Hang Your in-Season Clothing

Sort through your clothes for the items that you can wear now. Those are the pieces that you want to hang up in your closet or fold in drawers. Organize those items by color, type of item or another way so you know where to find them. Now, when you need to find something to wear, you’ll know right where to look. What should you do with your articles of clothing that are out of season? Keep reading to find out!

Pack Clothing to Store

Pack your out-of-season clothing and put them in containers that can go under your bed, on a shelf or in other areas out of sight. Make sure you label them so you know where to find what you need when the seasons change. You can find vacuum-packed containers that take up less space. Get creative about how you store items. For instance, you might use an ottoman or bench with storage inside. Just make sure to fold everything so that you don’t end up coming back to your clothes when they are in season and have everything be wrinkled.

Use a Storage Unit

If you have absolutely no room in your home for extra clothing, then you may need to rent a storage unit, like those that I-70 Self Storage provides. It’s a good way to keep your clothing dry and clean until you’re ready to wear them again. This is a great idea if you live in a small apartment. You can pack your clothes in boxes or other storage containers (as mentioned above). One of the benefits of having a storage unit is that you can set up aisles so that you can walk through and find whatever you’re looking for. Make sure to label everything so that you don’t have to go through everything when you do need it in the future. If you are concerned about long-term storage solutions, just know that you can rent these units by the month or the year.

If you have more clothing than you know what to do with, but you want to keep it all, you have to find a way to organize everything. These tips will help you develop an organizational plan so you always have something to wear without letting your clothes take over your home.