The winter months often bring about unexpected expenses. Being prepared can save you the cost of emergency repairs. Here are some maintenance items that you should consider before it is too late.

Service Your Furnace

Keeping your furnace well maintained can prevent you from having a loss of heat at the worst possible time. This means that you should have your furnace serviced by a professional, like those from Custom Comfort, occasionally to keep it in good working order. Consider using a professional once a year to check over your furnace. You will need to change out the air filter regularly to maintain efficiency. Many people wait until it is too late. The cost of an emergency repair is more than it would have been if you had planned ahead.

Check for Exposed Water Pipes

Take a little time and walk around your home. Make sure to turn off any exterior water sources. Cover any outside spigots and use pipe insulation on your exposed pipes. During freezes, the water in your pipes expands. This can cause your pipes to break. It may be a slow leak that will cost you a lot on your water bill. You might wake up to a geyser in your yard. Now you have to call an emergency plumber. You may be without water until it can be fixed.

About freezing pipes, however, you should know that you should always keep your faucets dripping during a freeze. This doesn’t mean that water has to be continuously pouring out. Just at night and while you’re out of the house. It just needs to be dripping just enough so that water can keep flowing through the pipes. This way, the water won’t settle anywhere, solidify and cause blockages and/or bursts.

Add Insulation

If your attic space is not well insulated, this can cause an ice dam to form on your roof. The hot air from your home causes snow to melt on your roof. As it refreezes, it adds extra weight to your roof. This can lead to water leaking into your home. In the worst case scenario, it may even cause your roof to collapse. This will be a costly fix and may leave your home uninhabitable. Adding extra insulation into your attic is the best way to prevent this loss of heat. You can do this yourself by putting up fiberglass or spraying special insulation foam. However, insulation is something that want to put up right first time. You could always go back and redo it, yes, but that could be a pain (especially if you end up closing the insulation off with a wall. If you feel unconfident about doing it perfectly, consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Dead Wood Removal

Have the tree branches around your home trimmed. Investigate if there are any dead branches that are hanging over your house. During a winter storm, these branches could break off and cause damage to your home. Have your trees checked regularly to ensure that they are healthy. Trees that are sick can fall over and cause damage to your property or your neighbors. You don’t want to have a tree fall into your home. This can be a huge expense even if you have homeowners insurance.

Being ready for maintenance issues that are common during the winter can save you money. Use these guidelines in preparing your home.