As a homeowner, you have two very important responsibilities. The first one includes the protection of your home from those who wish you and your family harm. The second involves maintaining your property to ensure that it does not lose value or cause you discomfort. Unfortunately, however, the winter and even springtime months tend to make the second one very difficult to accomplish. That is why the summer months are so critical to a homeowner looking to ensure that their home is properly maintained. Thus the following includes four home exterior improvements you should begin making this summer.

Power Washing Your Home

As stated above, the winter and springtime months can really do a number on your home. Everything from strong wind storms to constant rain showers can cause a ton of dirt and grime to stick to your home. One of the best ways to combat that and make your home look nice again is to power wash your home’s siding. This method should wash out even the toughest of stains; however, it is recommended that you avoid power washing upwards as that can cause the dirt to go into the small crevices of your siding.

Restaining Your Outdoor Deck

The winter and rainy months can wreak havoc on your deck. Not only does it weaken the wood, but it discolors it. Therefore, the summer months are the perfect time to begin restoring it as this will improve its look as well as help to protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Make sure you get the correct type of stain. One that will withstand harsh weather will last the longest. While you’re at it, you can furnish your deck with comfy chairs and sofas for summer entertaining. 

Window Replacement and Repairs

If your home has windows that are made out of wood, it’s likely that the wood has expanded and contracted during the winter months. Even if you can’t see it, this has created small cracks that can cause you to lose an enormous amount of energy during those hot summer days where your AC is running at full blast. That is why window replacement is a must for your summer home improvement goals. Although small repairs such as caulking your window can be done on your own, total window replacement can be complicated; thus, bringing in professionals is highly recommended.

Driveway Improvements

Much like your windows, your paved driveway can also be damaged by the winter and heavy rain months. To prevent further cracking and improve any cosmetic issues, it is recommended that you begin to reseal any cracks on your home’s driveway. If your driveway is very old, you might need to repave it entirely. Consider adding some hardscaping elements as well to add some extra design features to your home exterior. 

As you can see from the information above, there are several things you can begin improving on your home’s exterior this summer. However, it is recommended that you tackle one issue at a time to ensure that a proper repair is done.

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