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Every parent knows that the teenage years are the most challenging years to not only raise a teenager but to be one.

With the onset of puberty and the increased difficulty in academic achievement as they leave middle school to graduate to high school, a teenager has to navigate through an endlessly dynamic landscape. These years also offer up the most intense changes in personality, physical appearance, and hobbies.

When a birthday approaches, it can be frustrating to shop for a temperamental, secretive teenage boy. If you’re a parent who’s lucky enough to know your teenage son’s favorite hobbies, we can offer you some great gift ideas to help put a smile on your son’s face. If not a smile then perhaps a grunt or nod of approval.

The Sports Enthusiast

Sports are a very common hobby among teenage boys, and your sports enthusiast may enjoy the great world of sports in two different ways: participating in it or fervently watching it. For a son who enjoys playing sports, consider purchasing him a new piece of equipment or sign him up for sports camps to improve his skills.

For the teenage boy who loves watching sports, perhaps consider purchasing a DVD box set which contains the greatest games played in his favored field of sports or a DVD box set which contains documentaries about his favorite athlete. Posters, t-shirts, and jerseys of his favorite team or athlete are also a big hit.

The Future Scientist

Some boys don’t like to play hard in the dirt. Some teenage boys enjoy studying the dirt and the creatures found within. For the future scientist in your life, consider purchasing him an at-home science kit.

The types of kits available to purchase range from chemistry to biology to geology to physics. Whichever type of scientific field in which your teenage son is interested, there is an at-home science kit to satisfy his curiosity.

The Alternative/Heavy Metal Fan

With the advent of music as a lifestyle, the teenage years of a boy’s life can sometimes lead him through an alternative lifestyle that consists of heavy metal, wearing black, and teenage moodiness.

This is a very common phenomenon, so don’t concern yourself about it too much. Instead, show your teenage son that you support and love them regardless by gifting him some items to complement his lifestyle.

Some great gift ideas for this lifestyle can include black t-shirts depicting his favorite musical artists or bands, black leather boots, or concert tickets to see his favorite artist or band. These gifts will hopefully build a bridge of understanding between you and your teenage son to help melt away some of his moodiness.

The Dapper Gentleman

On the other end of the lifestyle spectrum, parents may notice that their son is choosing to embrace a more professional and gentlemanly lifestyle with a matching ensemble. If you notice that your son is very concerned with his appearance and desires to wear dress slacks and dress shirts in place of jeans and t-shirts, your gift shopping game had better be taken up a notch as well.

To compliment your young gentleman’s stylish personality, consider purchasing him a full 3-piece suit that he could wear to a future job interview. For gift ideas that are easier on your budget but still considered an ornament of sophistication, look into purchasing your son an attaché case, a chic new ratchet belt or grip belt for his dress pants, or a pair of wingtip dress shoes.

Gift shopping, in general, can be stressful and time-consuming, but with these great gift ideas for your teenage son’s upcoming birthday, the only stressful decision you should have left to make is what type of cake to buy for the party. And making sure not to forget the ice cream.