Shopping for your father can be difficult sometimes. That’s because when you ask a father what you should get them, they usually say, “I’m not sure. I don’t really want anything.” But you know your father deserves a gift, and you have the funds to make it a memorable one. If only you could find the perfect gift… Well, in this guide, you’ll discover four gifts that’ll make any dad proud.


1) A Coffee Subscription

What dad doesn’t drink coffee? Have you considered getting your father a high-grade coffee blend that he’s never tried before? If not, it’s a great, thoughtful gift you may want to consider. You can even go above and beyond, and purchase your father a subscription to a coffee company. These companies will make sure your father is stocked with coffee at all times. These companies source foreign, high-quality beans, and ship immediately after roasting for the best taste possible. This is also an affordable option that’ll only run you about twenty dollars per month.


2) Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

A lot of dad’s love grilling. For Father’s Day, or a summer birthday, a make your own hot sauce kit could be a worthwhile gift. As long as your dad loves barbecuing, pizza, nachos, chili, or eggs – this kit will be sure to be something they use often. In a do-it-yourself kit, your father will have the option of adding things like cayenne pepper, jalapeno pepper, chili spice packs, and so much more to create the perfect hot sauce for the food they love it on the most. They’ll also receive custom labels and packaging so they can give it a professional, manufactured appearance when they share it with friends and family. This is another affordable option that isn’t usually more than fifty dollars.


3) A Diaper Bag

Maybe you’re not buying a gift for your own father, but for your partner who’s a daddy-to-be. He may be too embarrassed to buy it himself, but as soon as he takes his child out for the first time, he’ll quickly realize how important it is. What makes diaper bags for dads different than the one’s mothers use, is that they often look like backpacks. Sometimes, you may not even be able to tell the difference. Buying your daddy-to-be one that has this kind of style will make him more open to using it. Prices vary on this one, but even good ones that have a nice look can be had for about fifty dollars.


4) A Jersey of Their Favorite Team

If all else fails, there’s always this tried and true option. What dad doesn’t have a favorite sport team? No matter what their favorite sport is – basketball, baseball, football, hockey, or something else – jerseys can be had of your father’s favorite team. To add a personal touch, maybe get a remake of the jersey of their favorite player from when they were a kid. If they have an office or “man-cave,” you could always opt to get them different types of sports memorabilia. Autographed game balls and vintage banners make for good choices. Your father has worked hard his whole life to make sure you’ve enjoyed yours.


When the time comes to get him a gift, don’t listen to him when he says he doesn’t want anything. Instead, use the ideas in this post to get him a great gift that he’ll use for years after – and remember for even longer. There’s no way you’ve gotten him every gift in this article, so there’s definitely something in here that will make the next gift you give him special.