You want to find the perfect gift for your teenage son, but knowing what teenagers want these days can be a real challenge. Whoever said girls are hardest to please certainly never had a teenage son with ever changing interests and hobbies. If they aren’t outgrowing all the clothing you buy them, they grow bored with the latest video games you carefully pick out. However, there are some gifts that are sure to please no matter what your son is into. Here are four great gift ideas for your teenage son, to make shopping for them stress-free.

1) An Air Cannon

Teenage boys love gadgets, especially gadgets they can use to play pranks. An air cannon is a safe, less intrusive gadget your son will love using to play pranks on their friends. A great bonus to these beauties is the fact that your son will probably get curious about how it works which will likely lead them to some scientific research. So, not only is it fun, but it can be educational. Remember to set rules and boundaries for using the air cannon. While they are a safer alternative to BB guns or air-soft guns, being careless can still lead to trouble. Disclose a safe area for your child to utilize his new cannon.

2) A Steam Gift Card

If your son is into computer games, then a perfect gift is a Steam gift card. Steam is a gaming company which allows you to purchase and play computer games. Steam is one of the most popular gaming sites of its kind and your son will be thrilled that he can go pick out a few games he’s been dying to try. These cards are available for purchase on online stores like Amazon or in stores like Walgreen’s or Walmart.

3) A Cool T-Shirt

Give your son the gift of style by spicing up his wardrobe a bit. Whether your son is interested in a specific band, a sport, or just has a great sense of humor, there is guaranteed to be a t-shirt out there that is perfect for him. There are plenty of fantastic t-shirts available at online stores like DHDWear. If you are hesitant to buy him something he won’t end up wearing, consider getting him a gift card to his favorite store.

4) A Mini Quadcopter

Quadcopters are all the rage these days. Give your son a gift he’ll love for years to come by getting him a mini quadcopter. Mini quadcopters can be flown indoors, and there are plenty of models available for under $30. There are even some very economical models equipped with cameras so your son can capture a video of his mini quadcopter’s flight path, and show it off to his family and friends.

Shopping for your teenage son doesn’t have to be hard. Any one of the four gift ideas we have discussed in this article is sure to bring a smile to your son’s face. Keep your son’s interests in mind, and you will never go wrong. Your son will be so happy and think you are the best parent ever.