With your new van, a carload of kids, and the security of knowing you have the best coverage and the cheapest car insurance, you’re ready to hit up Vermont’s local highways and see what your state has to offer:


  1. Vermont Teddy Bear Factory–Shelburne, VT

This is a must-see tour for kids of all ages and parents as well.  The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory in Shelburne, Vermont, will enthrall the young and old alike. You’re definitely going to want to take the 30 minute tour and see the bears lovingly being created by hand. You’ll also enjoy seeing the Bear Doctor who is always available to make Teddy bear repairs; and you’ll love the bears dressed up for every occasion and profession. For an added treat, plan on having your kids stop by the bear-building station to make their own bear to take home as a memento of their fun day trip.


The factory is open daily, year round, but the schedule varies by season so call ahead, make sure of tour times, and reserve your family’s place in the tour. The cost is $4.00 for ages 13-59; $3.00 for senior citizens (60+); and free for those 12 and under.


  1. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory–Waterbury, VT

Who doesn’t love ice cream?! This fun tour will take you and your family members on a 30 minute guided tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory where all of the creamy deliciousness is created. You’ll learn the ice cream-making process from start to finish. And at the end, you can check out the ice cream shop for a scoop or two of Ben & Jerry’s favorite flavors of ice cream, visit the gift shop for fun souvenirs, and walk through the “flavor graveyard” where all good, retired flavors go. Add on a 45-minute snowshoe tour in the winter for an even more unique experience.


Tours leave every 30 minutes, seven days a week, all year long. Starting and stopping times vary by season. Reservations are available for groups of more than ten individuals. The cost is $4.00 for ages 13-59; $3.00 for senior citizens (60+); and free for those aged 12 and under.


  1. Green Mountain Railroad–Burlington, Chester, Charlotte, Shelburne, South Burlington, or Middleton, VT

Hop in that new van and head to Burlington, Chester, Charlotte, Shelburne, South Burlington, or Middleton, Vermont, to catch a train and explore Vermont by a classic turn-of-the-century era rail, complete with coaches, parlors, lounges, and dining cars. See the beauty of the state and create wonderful memories as a family. There are several fun regularly scheduled train rides, and rides for several special occasions:


Kid’s Day Train Ride. Burlington to Shelburne

Mother’s Day Brunch.Burlington to Middlebury

Father’s Day Brunch Rail and Sail (includes a cruise). Burlington to Middlebury

Burlington Fireworks. Departs from three different locations, ending in Burlington

Rockingham Old Home Days. Chester to Bellow Falls

Champlain Valley Dinner Train. Burlington to Middlebury

Green Mountain Dinner Trains. Chester to Summit

Fall Foliage. Chester to Summit

Cocktails on the Rails. Chester to Rockingham


Prices range from $10 to $100 per individual aged 12 and up (depending on the type and length of the train ride) and $0 to $80 for children under 12 (also depending on the type and length of the ride).


  1. Balloons of Vermont–Quechee, VT

If you drive your family to Quechee and catch the nearest hot air balloon ride from Balloons of Vermont, your family will love you forever! Flying hot air balloons year round, Balloons of Vermont will take you on a breathtaking trip over the “Grand Canyon of the east,” the Quechee Gorge, or fly you above the trees lining the Ottauquechee River to witness some of the most beautiful views in Vermont.


Flights are available for either sunrise or sunset. The price per person is $275. If you desire to have an exclusive ride for just you and up to one other person, the cost is $950 and is booked only by special request.


Aren’t you glad you purchased that new van? Now you and your family can make amazing memories traveling around the state, enjoying fun day trips such as touring the Teddy Bear Factory and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, taking a vintage train ride around the state on the Green Mountain Railroad, and soaring over the awe-inspiring Quechee Gorge and Ottauquechee River by hot air balloon. Vermont is a gorgeous state, and you’re lucky enough to live here. Enjoy all that Vermont has to offer!