Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents that can take place anywhere. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident, you can file a claim for compensation from the party responsible to maintain the safety of the place where you have encountered the accident.

However, not every slip and fall is a valid case for a claim. To claim compensation for the injury caused by slipping accidents, you have to prove that the responsibility of the accident lies on the other party. Consulting an experienced slip and fall accident attorney in Miami will help you file a proper slip and fall claim and receive compensation.

Factors That Determine Your Eligibility for a Slip and Fall Claim

  1. Responsibility of the Accident

Every establishment such as shops, malls, business enterprises, restaurants, etc. have the responsibility to maintain the safety of people on their premises. Any failure to do so will amount to negligence, and they are liable to pay compensation to the injured person. However, if the accident occurred due to your own negligence, you cannot blame the other party.

Sometimes the responsibility of the accident can be split between both parties, such claims are known as split liability. For example, if you fall in a nightclub after getting drunk.  But the cause of the fall is due to the negligence of the club in maintaining the safety of its patrons, the liability of the accident can be split to both the parties. Your slip and fall accidents lawyer in Miami will try to fix the major blame on the night club to ensure you receive reasonable compensation.

  1. Warning Signs

Every organization has to place hazard warning signs in areas that are prone to slip and fall accidents. For example, if the floor is made wet on purpose, they should place a warning sign to let people know about it. These signs help to reduce slip and fall accidents as people will be careful while walking on them or avoid those areas. Failure to place these signs can be seen as an act of negligence by the third party. You will be eligible to claim compensation for any accidents caused by the absence of warning signs.

  1. Reporting The Slipping Accident

Like any other accident, it is essential to report the accident to the right authority and get it recorded, to ensure your slip and fall accident claim is considered valid. Every organization that is open to the public will have an accident book to record incidents that happen on the premises.

You have to make sure that all the details about the accident are noted in the accident book. If the owner of the establishment refuses to note the incident or does not have an accident book, you have to get a witness to the accident, or take a photograph of the accident area and send a letter to the organization through recorded delivery. You should keep a copy of the letter along with the proof of postage.

If all this process sounds too complicated, consult an experienced slip and fall accident attorney in Miami to handle the compensation claim process on your behalf.

  1. The Severity of the Injury

To claim compensation for a slip and fall accident, your injury should be serious enough to get treated in a hospital or GP. The higher the severity of the injury, the more chances that your claim for compensation will be accepted. It is recommended that you get a proper diagnosis from your GP and report all the problems caused due to the injury.

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