The summer season comes with many activities, but sometimes, you want to spend the entire season in your home. Staying in-doors all day long can be quite dull, and finding something to do inside the house or within the compound can keep you engaged all day long.

Many things around your home need a few touches here and there, and you may not necessarily need to hire anyone to do it for you. Doing it on your own not only keeps you busy but also saves you a lot of money.

Banish Pests

The warm weather is ideal for your strolls in the compound removing pests and other elements. Pests can be both inside the house and outside. You can disinfect several times until you get rid of insects, mice, rats, and spiders. When done with the indoor banishing, get to the yard, and do the same thing, and you can also remove waste from the yard. Take off leaves, tools, and other dirt, leaving it tidy. You can also easily access ant bait from your hardware or garden store. This allows you to solve minor ant problems in your home by yourself. 

Seal Wood Decks

Old decks need to be sealed, stained, or painted. The process makes your home look new and valuable. You will need to buy supplies and rented tools and seal the decks once or twice a year, depending on your home location. If you don’t seal them earlier, you may need to break your bank repairing them sooner. Staining and sealing your deck yourself will allow you to choose whichever color of stain you like. Visit a hardware store to see all the options available in person or look online for inspiration. 

Clean Windows

Cleaning windows is the easiest thing to do during the summer. Whether cleaning from the outside of the house or the inside, it gives the home a new sparkle.

Steps to Clean Your Windows:

  • You will need vinegar or trisodium phosphate, a newspaper, a water solution
  • Mix the vinegar and water and sprinkle it on the glass
  • Wipe off the mixture with a crumpled newspaper
  • You can also use the TSP, and you can buy it at any hardware store near your home
  • Mix it with water wipe it on the windows and clean it off for a streak-free finish

If you’re cleaning windows on the second floor of your home, make sure to have the proper safety equipment. A sturdy ladder and a friend or family member to spot you will be essential. 

Mulch the Flowerbeds

You can use shredded wood to mulch your flower beds, and you can get it at shredded wood electric shops around you. They are relatively cheap, and in some places, you can get them at no cost. You can also use glass clipping to mulch, and you will let them cool down before using it.

Raked leaves are good to use, and you will need first to shred them with a shredder or lawnmower to allow moisture to penetrate through the soil. Another cheap resource is cardboard, and you can cheaply get them at recycling centers or appliance stores. Wet them and cut them in round pieces placing them around the plants and cover them with soil.


Summer is the best season to give your home a brand new look regardless of how old it. The projects do not require any up-front expertise, and it only needs you to be a bit more creative. The good thing is that you do it to your taste to suit your sense of style.