Keeping your children entertained on the weekend and during the holidays is no mean feat. They can very quickly become bored and restless, which makes them difficult to handle. However, this task becomes virtually impossible on rainy days. Without the outdoors, kids have nowhere to channel their boundless energy. So, how can parents keep their children entertained on rainy days? We hope to answer this question in our article today. Read on to find out 4 different ways to preoccupy your kids whilst the weather keeps you cooped up indoors.

1.) Get Baking

Baking is a brilliant way to keep your children entertained whilst you are stuck indoors. Not only does this activity help to teach them a new skill, but the kids also receive a tasty treat at the end of the day. What’s more, baking is something that the family can do together. Many parents make the mistake of just sitting their children in front of the television, then heading off to do their own thing. But being a good parent is all about teaching and engaging with your kids. Therefore, collaborating to make a cake is a great way to build their teamwork and cooking skills, plus create a stronger bond with them.

2.) Go Trampolining

Children need to expend a lot of energy because, otherwise, they become hyperactive and unable to sleep at night. That’s why parents should still find ways to exercise (and exhaust) them on a rainy day. Heading to a trampoline park is a fantastic solution to this problem. Trampolining is done indoors, for the most part, and so the option will always be open to parents whether it’s sunny or rainy. Moreover, trampolining is exhilarating and completely exhausting for children. This means you can effectively tire your kids out whilst making sure they get plenty of exercise and entertainment.

3.) Pottery Painting

There are loads of ceramic studios which are open to families, allowing kids and parents to paint their own pottery alongside one another. You can pick which pots you would like to decorate and then spend the day painting the artwork however you want. Once you have finished, the studio will glaze your pottery for you. This is a brilliant activity for families because it helps children to channel their creativity. Also, parents can pick up the finished pottery from the ceramic studio at a later date, then display their kid’s artwork for everyone to see.

4.) Make a Fort

Children look to make pillow and blanket forts. On rainy days, building them together is a perfect way for parents to bond with their kids. Even if things are messy, it doesn’t matter because your children will find endless entertainment in the fort. For whatever reason, these hideaways seem to inspire creativity – and so your kids are much more likely to start reading or drawing in them.

These are some great ways to keep your children entertained on rainy days. Remember, the most important thing about all these activities is taking the time to bond with your kids.