Everyone yearns for a secure home. Therefore, security should be your number one factor when choosing the type of doors suitable for your home. Although security doors mainly prevent unauthorized entries, there is a need for them to be elegant and spectacular. Beautiful doors that match the exterior of your home create fantastic scenery. Here are the four popular door styles you should choose from if you want a perfect blend of security and style.

Tuscan Doors

Tuscan entry doors bring together traditional romance and elegance. They are generally molded doors, and sometimes they may have brick or timber casement headers. They integrate straight lines with delicate vine patterns and the occasional flowery decorations. Tuscan doors have a timeless quality to them that appeals to nearly everyone. They architecturally use natural wood and therefore don’t require painting but natural color finishing. If you are trying to achieve a natural look in your home exterior, Tuscan doors can be a great addition. 

Art Decoration Doors

Art decoration doors are among the most popular doors due to the exquisite beauty and security they add to your secure home. They are a long time architectural technique that became popular in the world in the mid-20th century. Art decoration doors are an inspiration for the fauvism and cubism artistic styles. The doors are a blend of bold geometric patterns and attractive radial designs. Art decoration doors are both unique and vintage, a precise reflection of the beauty and hopefulness you need for your perfect door. If you are looking for a front door that will show off your personality and is something no one else will have, this is a great option for you. 

Sleek Modern Doors

The sleek modern doors have a long straight-line design. These are contemporary style doors that add a tinge of glamour to your security. Despite being sleek, they have a solid surface. These doors are suitable both for your interior and exterior doors. The modern door styles are also simple, bold, and versatile security doors. They can easily be upgraded with new locks and security systems. These doors are a good option if you are building a new home. They will likely fit with the other architectural details of your new home. 

Moroccan Doors

Moroccan styles have many decorations and use repetitive geometrical patterns resembling stars and floral shapes. Stunning Moroccan decorated door is a fantastic decor to the entry of homes and other buildings. The doors are handmade and colored, featuring curves and wrought steel knobs. There are various Moroccan door patterns that one can choose from depending on personal preference. These doors give your home an exotic feel.

Next time you want to get stylish doors for your home, the choice is yours. These are undoubtedly the four best house door styles you can choose from if you want a combination of security and elegance. You definitely won’t miss settling on one or two of the four options. Do some additional research and visit some local shops to look at all of your options. Make sure you pick something that will be long-lasting and fits your style.