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It’s been said that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. A prime example of this truth involves the relationship between a parent and a child. A child may love to receive from their parents, but there’s nothing more a parent longs to do than share love and happiness with their own children. As your teenage boy grows up, you’ll want to find creative ways to express your love and appreciation to them. Try one of these four ways to bestow a gift.

1. A Cash Register/Dresser

In the bedroom, most kids have a dresser and a nightstand. If your teenager is turning 15, surprise them by turning their dresser into a cash register. As your teenager opens each drawer, they’ll find money you’ve gifted them with. Put fifteen $1 bills and fifteen $5 bills. If you can afford to place fifteen $20 bills, splurge. After all, you only turn 15 once. You may also want to help him open a bank account so he can learn how to properly manage his new-found money. A simple checking account is plenty to give your teen an introduction to personal finance.

2. Apparel

As a parent, you’ve probably gotten a good grasp on the clothing and sneakers your child likes. A creative way to go shopping involves shopping online and technology. If your child already has a smartphone or tablet, upgrade it. Once you’ve gifted them with their new device, open up the browser to DHDWear or another online shop and tell them to pick out their top five favorite t-shirts and place them in the online shopping cart. This will be a pleasant surprise that’ll make any teenager’s day.

3. Quiet Family Birthday Dinner

While a quiet family dinner may be a sentimental moment for the parents, a teenage birthday boy may want to spend this time with his friends too. Give him the best of both worlds by starting out the night at his favorite restaurant. Give him his gifts there and treat him to his favorite meal. Ask some family members to stay behind and prepare the house for a surprise party. Invite all of his friends. After you all leave the restaurant, make sure everyone is in place to surprise him when you all get home.

4. It’s Raining Money

Most teenagers love receiving money at any time. You don’t have to wait until their birthday to give them a nice gift. If the weather forecasters predict rain, get some tape and attach a bunch of dollar bills on the inside of an umbrella. Before your child heads out the door, hand them the umbrella. They’ll be in for the shock of their life once they open it. You can find any number of creative ways to surprise your teen boy with a gift.

While it may cost you a pretty penny to make some of these gifts happen, it’s a priceless feeling to know that your teenager feels loved by his parents. Try one of these options and make sure to take pictures of your boy’s surprised face. You won’t want to forget it!