Although most people would like to be healthy and be the best version of themselves, a lot of people can’t seem to make it happen. The average person doesn’t want to feel unhealthy and in pain.  However, despite wanting to feel their best, they can’t seem to follow through with making the best choices which benefit them in the long run. One thing you need to understand is that your health is in your hands and the decision that you make affect it in one way or another.

Many people have habits which they don’t even realize are hurting them over time.  As a result, they develop medical issues which cause them a lifetime of struggle and pain.  Instead of letting this be your fate, it’s important to identify common mistakes that you may be making. Here are some of the big mistakes that people make and end up compromising their health.

Failing to Get Medical Attention:

A lot of people self-diagnose their illnesses and injuries rather than talking to a medical professional.  Whether they get injured on the job and choose to ignore the problem so they can continue to work, or perhaps every time they get ill they go to work anyway and refuse to allow themselves time to rest. It is good to stay up to date when it comes to seeking medical attention. Don’t wait until the day you are feeling unwell before you can visit your doctor. Also, don’t delay to go to a doctor when you realize that there is something wrong in your system.

As much as you may want to believe it, you aren’t a superhero.  You should make sure that you give yourself the strength that you need to heal after getting injured or ill.  A doctor is able to identify and pinpoint what kind of medication and treatment you need to feel better.

Lack of Movement:

In this modern age, it’s easy to allow technology to do all of the work for you.  From taking the escalator instead of the stairs to ordering takeout instead of cooking your own food.  It’s important to try to choose options which require more movement.  Otherwise, you start to lose your strength over time.

When you’re younger, your lack of movement may not affect your overall health.  However, as your metabolism and body chemistry changes, you’ll start to notice that you don’t have the ability to do simple things like walk short distances or lift light loads. It’s important to keep up with strength training and staying active so that you will still be independent well into your retirement.Create some time to walk around and don’t over-rely on your car.


Most people have heard at this point in history that smoking isn’t good for your health.  It can lead to a multitude of respiratory issues including lung cancer.Even though you may think that it could never happen to you, it can happen to anyone, even people who have never smoked and are exposed to secondhand smoke. Just avoid some of these bad habits if you want to enhance your health and increase your days on earth.


Overeating can be something innocent that you do in your younger years.  However, the older that you get, the more damaging it can be to your health. Overeating leads to obesity and in some cases diseases like Diabetes.  Adapting a healthy diet from a young age rather than having to make the change later is the easiest way to stay healthy for a long time.

With all these health tips, you will be able to give your health a big boost. You can put them into practice if you want to increase your days on earth.