The bathroom is same as the bedroom, just the difference is you do not sleep there. Or if you have nowhere to, you might, in the bathtub. However, the point is that bathroom should be decorated and adorned with the accessories and bathroom furniture design that will give it a modern touch yet not losing its traditional touch.

So, here are some of the bathroom visualizers that will help you choose the design for yourself:

  1. Qube Bathroom:

When it comes to the bathroom, be it furniture or accessory, we want it to be perfect. Whether it is the bathroom that has basic amenities such as bathtub, toilet area, sink, mirror cabinet and another separate cupboard to keep the bath accessories or it is a modular bathroom, you must choose the color wisely.

So, If you have the bathroom that falls into this category, below mentioned is the link that will assist you to visualize, how it can be made better than it already is.


Choose your color and go for it.

  1. Rose-berry modular bathroom:

The bathroom falling under this category has much of the modern touch rather than the traditional or a common one. It has two basins, a beautiful bordered mirror and a wall mounted furniture with four drawers to keep all the necessary items inside it. Thus, rose-berry modular bathroom unit has five rich colors for you to choose from –  Cotton white, clotted cream, peacock blue, blue lagoon and Dove Grey. Choose the color that matches your wall.


  1. Lustre modular bathroom:

The Lustre modular bathroom is even more decorated than rose-berry modular bathrooms. They have hanging lights and candle stand as well. Thus, it is the most designer design you will come across. If you are planning to make your bathroom ultra-modern and stylish. This category also has the color combination that will satisfy your eyes and you will feel contended.

Since it has modular furniture, the color options are in combinations.

Here is the link to find out which color combination you wish to choose for your bathroom:

  1. Symmetry modular bathroom:    

The symmetry modular bathroom is the one that has the feel of a bedroom, let alone it doesn’t have a bed. It is decorated with lights, beautiful curtains, its bathtub has accessories and also, it has a mirror with designer shapes. It has wall mounted toilet and furniture. So, if you are into geometrical designs that have perfect shapes, then symmetry bathroom is just the correct choice for you.

This is the link for you to choose the color for your symmetrical modular bathroom:

Above-mentioned are just a few of the many options for you to choose from for your bathrooms. Make it as designer and beautiful as you can.

Conclusion: Now that you have visualized what colors should you have and what design your bathroom should have, contact for the details and charges. They will convert the face of your bathroom into something that will be unbelievably good for your eyes. And, the best part is all at a market affordable rate. Hurry before it’s too late…!!!!