A picnic can be a fun way to enjoy a summer afternoon with your family. Whether you want to pack a few snacks or put together a meal, it’s always pleasant to spend time outdoors. From food to activities to location, it’s essential to plan your picnic at least a little. This way, you won’t have to deal with any hiccups as you hang out.

Here’s how to have a memorable family picnic.

1. Arrange a Few Games and Activities

Your picnic won’t be complete without entertainment. It’s fun to sit and chat as you share food and drinks. That said, you should prepare a few games or activities to keep everyone entertained. Consider your group before you make any decisions. You and your spouse may like to play cards — but your younger children could prefer a softball game before dinner. It’s all up to your family!

You can always try more than one activity throughout your picnic. Feel free to lay down your setup early so that you can spend a few hours together. You can toss a Frisbee, listen to music or play some Monopoly. You could even head to a local playground for entertainment that you don’t to pack. As long as you think ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun experience with your spouse and children.

2. Put Together a Food and Drink Menu

The best picnics have food and drinks to satisfy everyone’s appetite. You don’t have to cook a full-course meal. A picnic isn’t an activity where you want to devour any heavy meals like pasta or steak. Instead, it’s smart to pack light options that don’t take more than a few moments to put together. After all, it’s summertime! There’s a wide fruit and vegetable selection to enjoy.

Think sandwich, wrap or salad recipes that make enough servings for many people. A versatile dip offers a way to enjoy vegetables without much preparation. You can incorporate snacks like chips and salsa for a quick bite, too. Be sure to whip up a fun drink to complement your mains and sides. You can also order from your favorite restaurant if you want to have a no-prep picnic.

In any case, your food and drink choices matter for a successful picnic. Prepare a cooler with ice so that your items stay chilled. You can use a classic picnic basket to transport plates and napkins for an authentic feel. Remember to throw away your trash before you leave.

3. Choose an Outdoor Spot With Space

Be creative with your picnic setup. A standard picnic may happen at a local park. But you can find other locations to add a little flair. Due to coronavirus, it’s smart to look for spacious areas where not many people gather. Do you live near a lake or a river? See if you can find a spot nearby. You could even stay at home — if you have a backyard, it’s easy to have a picnic without much hassle.

It’s relatively simple to switch up your scenery for your next picnic. A spot at a downtown park can provide a unique atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere. You could try a beach or a trail for a more unique option. You only have to ensure that your chosen space won’t be overcrowded. But you can always eat at home if you find that nearby popular spots seem unsafe.

Make sure to pack face masks and hand sanitizer to keep yourselves safe at a public spot.

4. Add a Few Special Touches for Fun

You have your food, activities and location. It’s time to put a personal spin on your picnic. A comfortable atmosphere should be a top priority for your picnic. You can bring pillows and blankets to sit on while you eat. A portable speaker could play fun tunes. If you plan to stay at home for your picnic, it’s possible to add a few extras to your setup for an even better experience. Be as inventive as you like.

A backyard picnic can turn into an outdoor party if you take a few extra steps. You can spread out food and drinks across a table so that everyone can enjoy a buffet-style meal. Hang up lights and other decorations to create a fun vibe. After you’ve been stuck inside for a few months, you’ll find that it’s beneficial to plan an event like this picnic. It’s almost cathartic to put together a “normal” activity.

Follow These Steps to Plan a Memorable Family Picnic

A summer family picnic can be as basic or involved as you like. Whether you want to eat snacks at your local park or prepare a meal to eat after a hike, it’s always fun to spend time with your spouse and children. You can even have a picnic party. Either way, you can use these ideas to have a wonderful time.