Dubai is the name that suddenly pops out when you hear the slogan ‘forward thinking with backward roots’. Being a great inspiration for many cities in the UAE and even across the world, Dubai is known to be amongst the leading cities around the globe. Located in the southern Persian gulf, it’s the most sophisticated and developed city in the entire United Arab Emirate. Having noteworthy popularity across the world for its ultra-modern technology and hawkish approach, Dubai has even more to leave you awestruck with. Adding up in your excitement to Book Flights from Jeddah to Dubai, there are some astonishing facts about Dubai that you must know;

Crime Rate is 0%

Before you Book Flights from Jeddah to Dubai, it’s important for you to know that you are planning for the safest city of Earth. While talking about this city, how can this reality be overlooked that this city has an astonishingly lowest crime rate. In fact, it’s virtually as low as 0% that makes it more than persuasive for tourists to visit Dubai without having to worry about the security.

One can say that the Government has a strong hold over the public that give enough liberty but defines limits as well. Precisely, Dubai has one of the strongest law & order and rules in there are so strict that one can’t even think of breaking any. Besides that, people there also have an appreciable level of morality that’s surely admired by tourists.

Income Tax is 0%

No less than a jaw-dropping moment for you if you didn’t know it earlier. Normally, government always tends to get a share from you out of your income so that it can be “Invested Back for Betterment of the country”. But Dubai isn’t doing so and still doing amazingly well. In other words, people have so many opportunities to become rich in Dubai. In fact, the residents in Dubai are not supposed to pay the income tax. Precisely, this makes the Income tax in Dubai as 0%. Just imagine yourself saving the money you could have paid as the tax. For sure that’s plenty to make you rich undoubtedly.

Maximum Cranes

Do you realize that how come Dubai happens to manage such great structures poking their way to the skyline? Well the Crane happens to play the most significant role when it comes to equipment. Being the significantly ultra-modern hub of the world, Dubai has the latest equipment to execute the huge architectural projects. In fact, Dubai is known to have 20% of the world’s total Cranes. Now what makes it not-so-justifiable that has the world’s largest buildings and hotels?

ATM & Gold Bars

You happen to visit ATM almost every day in order to take some cash out for yourself. How about visit ATM to have Swanky Gold Bars? Well you can’t have it until and unless you are in Dubai. Astoundingly, Dubai has ATMs separately for withdrawing Gold Bars so if you are rich enough to have plenty and get them deposited in the bank. You can use the ATM to withdraw gold bars at the time of need.

Police Vehicle

This time police would surely be faster than the criminal. Police in Dubai are allotted Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley as their regular vehicle. If you are wondering for a trues essence of NFS, it’s time for you to Book Flights from Jeddah to Dubai. After seeing such an elegance, speed, trained police officers and fastest ride ever, Criminals can’t even think of committing a crime.

In a nutshell, Dubai has plethora to leave you wonderstruck with. So just make a wise move and have an amazing visit to Dubai.


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