Image Source: Pixabay

If you suffer from the winter wardrobe blues, or the I’m-tired-of-every-garment-I-own grumbles, the ideas listed below may be just the thing to brighten up your outlook and your closet.

Stylish Scarves

Scarves are always a great addition to an outfit that feels a little blah. When searching for scarves, be sure to check out the full gamut of options. Thrift stores are always a great spot to look for a silky scarf. Even if you find something that’s a little frayed around the edges, rolling the scarf and knotting it could give you a one of a kind necklace. The addition of an old-fashioned sparkly pin is another way to brighten a scarf of any length. Finally, plenty of drug stores such as Walgreen’s feature scarves as loss leaders on end caps.

Bright Tights

If your budget is a little snug, consider a bright pair of tights to change things up under a dark skirt. Tights and leggings are now available in a vast array of colors and patterns, and can easily be paired with boots and a skirt of any length for a fun new look. Kohl’s, Macy’s and Dress Barn offer women’s tights at great prices in a variety of sizes. Looking for something really unique? Try layering lace or other semi-sheer tights over another color for a design all your own.

Dreamy Sunglasses

A new pair of sunglasses can be put to use for the sunny days of summer or the bright days of snow! Whether you prefer a vintage black horn rimmed frame or a modern wrap around, new sunglasses can be found at bargain prices at several retailers, including by using coupons for and similar businesses. Additionally, many jewelry stores are offering sunglasses as an additional option for ornamentation.

These days you can also purchase prescription transition lenses that change from clear and shaded depending on the intensity of light around you. This way you can buy a stylish pair of traditional glasses that double as sunglasses as well. You can also customize transition lenses for any frame, giving you plenty of options to get your style on.

Posh Purse

Finally, consider changing up your purse choices. The option to slip on a slim cross body bag or pick up a small knapsack is a terrific way to put aside the standard over the shoulder clasp handbag we’ve all be carrying forever. In addition, investing in a cell phone case with a spot for your identification, a credit card and a little cash could mean you don’t have to carry a purse at all. Your spine, your shoulder and your sense style will all appreciate it! Tote bags, knapsacks, wallets and purses of all sizes are available most anywhere. Target, anyone?

We all fall back on our personal basics when it comes to our clothing choices, but eventually even your favorite pieces of clothing can feel old and tired. However, you can keep all your old standbys and change up your look with a new accessory or two. Don’t forget the power of accessories for accenting your style. Here’s to variety!