30 Minutes Full Body Boxing Combo Workout

Starting a boxing workout at home is quite a challenge. Most people like the idea of following the lead because this helps them stay engaged so they do not have to stay in control of their workout schedule. This helps them follow instructions without focusing on the workout that they are performing. Most beginners like the idea of joining boxing training because they are not aware of the training procedure. However, when you join a boxing class, you need to keep in mind that basic boxing training classes cannot make you professional. This is because within your boxing class you will have around 20 to 25 fellow boxing mates. Your instructor will not be able to pay attention to your technique and how you are working out. In most cases, people learn bad techniques and by practicing the same technique they sometimes get injured or strain their muscles as well.

How to Improve Your Boxing Technique?

To improve your technique, you need to keep tracking the progress. This will help you improve your technique and you will learn how much work you need to overcome your weakness. Most people get stressed because they are not aware of the boxing workout rules. However, you can either spend a lot of money on a one-on-one session with a private trainer or you can focus on learning the skill by understanding human anatomy. The way your muscles move and their limitation and degree of movement play a very important role in this regard.

With the help of this article, you will be able to know some of the best combination exercises for improving your body and preparing you for boxing. We have also mentioned some of the best boxing techniques and exercises that every beginner must master before moving to some professional-style moves. For the solo workout, we have mentioned a simple technique to help you divide your solo class well.

How to Start a Solo Boxing Session?

If you want to start boxing training at home you need to take full control of your workout. For this, start by researching your body and where you want to be in the next three months. Setting a short-term goal is always very helpful because it can help you track your progress easily. With a solo boxing session, start by dividing the workout session into three main parts. The first five minutes should be just a warm-up session. Then move to hardcore boxing where you will be working on your technique and skillset. Eventually, you need the last five minutes for meditation and yoga so that you can cool down, and also this will help you improve your strategy-making skills.

Another very important thing about solo boxing class is to stay in control of the full workout. You can use a simple video to curate something on your own. If you want to design a workout plan on your own, start with the weekly distribution. For the first few weeks, start with a warm-up and get your body ready. Once you feel you are done with the strength-based exercise, you can move to skill-based training. You will be able to learn the overall handling of your body. Finally, work on your speed and try to improve your speed while working on the technique.

What Is a Full Boxy Combo Exercise?

If you look at the boxing exercises there are so many different exercises. We are familiar with punching combinations mostly but with the help of combination exercises, you are just making sure that your whole body gets fully engaged in the workout. This means that your upper body and lower body all body muscles are involved within the exercise. With isolation exercises you just work on one group of muscles however, when you choose combination exercises, you are choosing to work on multiple muscles at the same time.

The best thing about combination exercise is that you are not working on just a single group of muscles. With more muscle contribution, you will need less time to burn more calories. Within a restricted time, you will be able to speed up the overall workout process and get desired results without wasting too much time.

30 Minutes Full Body Boxing Workout

This 30-minute workout will help you sweat a lot so make sure you are fully hydrated. Another important thing is that these combination workouts are high intensity and they will help you burn extra calories. In short, you need to stay ready for some weight loss. To cope with this, get a protein-packed diet so that you burn fat and your muscles strength over time.

This is a full HIIT-based workout plan that is high intensity and requires you to take at least 30 seconds of rest between the two workouts.

Warm-up session

This will only take five minutes between each exercise you need to take a rest period of three seconds.

Jumping Jack

This workout is perfect for the upper body and abs muscles. This helps with improving body balance.

High Knee

Perfect for the abs and legs. You will see improvement in your footwork.

Mountain Climber

This workout is good for abs as well as the lower body. To speed up the core tightening, mountain climbers are the best possible option.

Rope skipping

If you need to select one warm-up exercise, you must add rope skipping to the list. This will help you practice speed as well as footwork so that you do not have to work on these muscles separately.

Hardcore exercise for punching and boxing

Punching Combo

Start with three different punching combinations and then move to improve the techniques

After that, you can use shadow boxing as a way to analyze your weakness and to see if you have seen any improvement in your workout.

To ensure that your workout is working, you need to switch to a heavy bag workout that will help you improve the power of your punch. It is very important to generate the power through your core and then use this generated power to deliver the punch. For this, you need to use your core and then you can move to your wrists.

For improving the strength of your wrists, use a punching bag and practice different punching combinations, and then switch to speed boxing where you can perfect the speed.

Cool Down Session

In the end, try to take five minutes for medication. For this, you need a complete muscle relaxation therapy where you can focus on the things the relaxations only.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing is a combat game that needs consistency and commitment. You need to be very vigilant when you train. One of the best ways to ensure that our technique is good and effective is to watch maximum videos of training and boxing matches. Another very important thing is to look at the changes through video recording and this will help you see if you have improved over time. You also need to divide your workout routine into simple sessions of at least 30 minutes and each session should only be carried out for one week. After one week, try to change the exercise within the session. This will help you enjoy your workout more otherwise you will get bored and lose motivation. Dividing each workout session is also important so that you can stay motivated and know how much time is left.