No matter how much you enjoy your job, it’s likely that there are at least a few things you wish you could change. For the most part, these desired changes aren’t terribly pressing. However, if you notice a problem that affects your safety or comfort, it’s time to get a manager involved. Here are three workplace annoyances that are worth working to have corrected.

Terrible Temperature

If you share your workspace with anyone, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to find a temperature that is perfect for everyone. This minor inconvenience should not be confused, however, with a need for basic climate control. If you find that your workspace is too cold, you’ll want to let someone in authority know, especially if their workspace utilizes a separate HVAC system. It may be that commercial heating repair is necessary in order to restore a comfortable working environment.

If the problem isn’t fixed after repairs, it may be time to look closer at the building itself. If the building can’t hold a temperature there may be a problem with its insulation or even its sealing. If the building has sealing issues, temperature fluctuations may take a back seat to roof, window, or wall leaks that can easily damage equipment as well as erode the building itself.

Suspicious Smells

Some smells you may encounter at your workplace, though annoying, are ultimately harmless. Whether it is Bob’s burnt popcorn or Patty’s potent perfume, these smells are, as with the imperfect temperature, just part of working in a common area with other people. Other smells, however, can truly be cause for concern, as they could be indicative of serious health hazards. If you smell a stale, mildew smell that lingers or increases, let someone know as soon as possible. This odor could be a symptom of a hidden water leak that may be growing mold, putting you and your co-workers at risk.

Copious Clutter

Most workspaces come with some measure of unnecessary clutter. After all, very few businesses have an employee with the title of “Office Organizer.” at some point, though, clutter can move past a minor visual annoyance and move into the realm of “safety hazard.” too much clutter can block exits, making escape difficult in the event of an emergency. Clutter can also create trip hazards, which is one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Whether it’s dealt with in-house, or a third party is brought in to deal with the mess, clutter needs to be taken seriously.

In addition to clutter around the office, it may be worth speaking up in a situation where the company is giving away too much stuff to the employees and overloading them with useless things. Not only is this a burden to employees, it also suggests that the company is wasting money on items that aren’t providing much benefit. No business should be ok with excessive waste, so even if it’s just a personal preference, it can be worth telling your superiors about it.

Speak Up

Don’t let the normal routine of your job distract you from changes that need to take place. Amidst the “daily grind,” it can be easy to focus only on those tasks that are specifically your responsibility. However, by paying attention to the environment around you, you may well spot issues that, when corrected, result in a massive improvement in the quality, safety, and comfort of your workplace environment.