The increasing climate changes issue and global warming have caused a severe imbalance worldwide as a result of which the occurrence of natural disaster has increased enormously. Under such conditions, you have to be a sure shot to protect yourself.

However, 100% safeguarding is never possible. To whatever height we take the technological advancement, you cannot predict mother nature. Be it earthquake or flood, you cannot anticipate it all the times.

Although it is not possible to predict future consequences every time, you can at least take precautions for the least damage. It is always advisable to take all the safety measures before the season changes. For instance, you must make arrangement for the removal of the snowfall before the season.

One of such catastrophe is a hurricane, the high intensity of which can cause you a severe damage. It can destroy anything coming its way if it is a highly intense tornado. Nonetheless, your roof gets affected with the smallest hurricane and at times, the only option left with the homeowner is to consult home roofing companies for its repair. To avoid the same, it is highly essential to protect the roof from the hurricane.

We have hereby provided you with some of the effective ways to protect your roof from the same you must consider.

  1. Inspect And Analyze Your Roof

The range of hurricane wind pack can be of approx. 100 to 200 mph that can destroy anything coming your way. It is so powerful at times that it can uplift the shingles, tiles or even the underlying roof deck. Hence, it is always good to have a properly maintained roof that can resist against such crisis.

It is further recommended to check and inspect the roof properly after every season. If not that, you should spare a day once a year from your busy schedule and check your roof. Check every single part of the roof with an eagle’s eye. If your roof is too high, you can contact professionals like home roofing contractors who can assist you with the same.

The misplaced or broken shingles are meant to be repaired. However, people often take the loose and the curled shingles lightly and don’t repair the same. Furthermore, you need to check the edges and the spacing of the nails very carefully. The nails should hold the shingles and the underlying roof deck tightly to secure the deck to the rafter.

If you have access to the attic, check the internal part of the roof from there. If you see light coming from any such place, then probably it is the sign of leakage you should pay attention to. Not repairing the same can increase the gap that would give way to the wind and water to enter inside.

  1. Repair The Damage

The next thing you need to do is to repair all the damages that you have observed on your roof to lessen the chances of your wind damage.

Replace your misplaced and damaged shingles with the new shingles. You can try it DIY or consult home roofing companies to assist you with the same. Either the case, you need to make sure that the repair work has been done well to resist the wind of the hurricane.

Also, make sure to apply the cement coating at the edges of shingles to fix it strongly.

To ensure yourself totally, apply a bead of construction adhesive at each the sides of the rafter at the points they connect to the roof deck.

  1. Take The Home Insurance

The future is uncertain. Hence, you cannot take insurance an optional thing anymore. There are many insurers who offer hurricane insurance that you should opt for to minimize your expenditure on the damage.

With this means, you must have understood the basic and essential measures to be taken to secure your roof from the hurricane. So, next time when you get time, just give a glance at your roof and repair it if required.