When you go into the bathroom, you probably don’t think about the temperature of the water when you want to take a bath or shower. You might not think about the type of floor that is in the room and how easy it might be for a child to slip on it if it’s wet. The counters might not seem like they are too high, but your child might not be able to comfortably reach the faucet to brush his teeth or look in the mirror each day because of the higher counter. Fortunately, you can create a kid-friendly and safe bathroom with only a few changes.


Stools and Rails

Kids can’t reach counters as well as adults, and they sometimes need assistance getting in and out of the tub or getting on and off the toilet. Put a stool at the counter in the bathroom and in front of the toilet, especially if it’s higher than a standard toilet. Install rails in the tub that are low enough for your child to reach. Another rail can be installed beside the toilet to help younger children feel secure when they are using the bathroom and to help them get on and off safely. These railings can help your child be safe, but remember that supervision is still necessary for younger kids.


Water Safety

When your child takes a bath, you should stay in there until he’s out of the water. Turn the temperature on the hot water heater down so that your child won’t get burned if he turns the water on without you present. You could also get a protective cap that goes on the hot water side of the faucet in the sink and tub so that your child can’t turn the water on by himself. A plumber like those at Rapid First Plumbing can come to the home to inspect the hot water heater to ensure that it’s working properly when you do lower the temperature. The plumber can also examine the drains to make sure they aren’t too large, an issue that sometimes arises and allows for children to get their fingers or toes stuck if they are curious.


New Flooring

Carpet doesn’t usually work in the bathroom because it soaks up water and can begin to mold and mildew. However, you shouldn’t have tile in the bathroom that has a slippery surface. Install flooring that is a bit textured to prevent slips from occurring. Put bath rugs in front of the tub and shower, in front of the toilet and in front of the counters. These rugs can help decrease falls that might occur if the floor is wet. If you’re looking for a bit of luxury for the whole family, you might install a floor heating system that makes walking on the floor more comfortable.


Your bathroom should be as safe as possible for your child and the rest of your family. When you’re designing your bathroom or when you have children, make a few adjustments so that they are safe while enjoying the colors and designs in the room. Let them choose the colors of the stools used and the rugs so that they have what they like.