Your swimming pool can account for over 50% of the energy consumption of your home.But you can now make your pool more energy efficient with these 3 easy and powerful energy saving opportunities that include solar pool heaters, solar covers and pool pumps.


Pool covers provide energy efficiency by reducing the evaporative losses and retaining heat.Installing a pool coveracts as a barrier, thus minimizing the heat loss from evaporation and help you achieve significant savings on energy. There 3 types of pool covers

Standard Tarp Pool CoverBasic tarp sheet that you pull across the pool and is held by weights around the edges

Automatic Pool Cover An advanced solar pool cover made of vinyl materials and ideally suited for a rectangular sized pool. These either require manual cranking or a track system that just needs the push of a button to cover the pool.

Mesh Pool Covers These are affordable, durable (last 10 -15 years) and are low on maintenance

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground pool, installing a pool cover is a simple and effective way to warm your pool by using sunlight, thus making your pool energy efficient.


Among the various Pool heating systems including pool heat pumps, natural gas heaters, the solar pool heaters stand out as the most energy and cost efficient solution. In solar heating systems, the pool water is pumped from the pool filter and then through the solar collector (mounted on the roof). These solar absorber or collectors comprise of pool heating panels and tubes that absorb both direct and diffused solar radiation to heat the water and return it back to the pool at the desired level.

Thermo Pools solar pools are specially designed to deliver 45% more efficiency as compared to other solar pool heaters. Thermo tube collector panels have 33% more tubes per sq. m than most other systems and each of these tubes have an 8mm external diameter which was recommended by The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) as being the most efficient size for the Australian conditions.

Although solar pool  heater has a high initial outlay in the range of $3000 – $7000, the government rebates under the energy efficiency incentive schemes and incredibly low running costs make up for it.


A pool pump is used to circulate water through the pool filter system to sanitize the water and return a cleaner water back to the pool. A water pump is usually used twice a day and an oversized pump only means more energy is required to operate it. Did you know that a majority of pool owners have seriously oversized pumps which not only eat on the energy efficiency but also significantly increase the energy costs? Consider switching to the right sized pool pump to make your pool more energy efficient. You may seek pool specialists from Thermo Pools to accurately measure your pool and choose the right pool pump size.

Fastest Way to Make Your Pool Energy Efficient

Making your pool energy efficient to reduce your operating costs is now easy and just a call away. Thermo Pools – Australia’s choice for solar pool heating installations makes it easy to make your pool energy efficient with the most efficient solar pool heating system and pool heat pumps. Call 02 8850 4030 to book a free appointment with our pool heating specialists in Sydney today.