Why do you think toilet paper causes your drain to clog when it is meant to break down in the water?

Well, if there’s too much of it in the toilet bowl, of course, it will turn into a huge mass that’s hard to dissolve. In that case, clogging the toilet bowl is inevitable. There are several ways of dissolving toilet paper clog but think of how filthy the work could be, so might as well leave it to the hands of a professional plumber.

Nonetheless, according to plumbing experts, toilet paper can be softened and disintegrated by simply using the common plunger and if this won’t work, try using a toilet auger or if not, a coat wire hanger. Still if these devices flop, then your last recourse would be to use a chemical additive although this thing isn’t highly advised.

And since unclogging a toilet drain is some kind of a dirty job, then by all means you’ve got to protect yourself. Just be ready with some protective hand gloves and perhaps an apron to cover yourself plus the needed tools. So now, let’s start to pull off a DIY stunt in unclogging the drain due to an overwhelming mass of toilet paper.

3 Ways to Dissolve Toilet Paper Clog

Use a toilet plunger

This is your first line of defence. Grip the plunger with two hands, making sure that its end called the suction cap is sealing the drain opening in the toilet bowl. Plunge downward and upward with some force since this action creates suction while pulling and pushing the clog. Once you see that the bowl is starting to empty, flush the toilet then see if it’s draining as it should. If not, repeat the process until the clog splits up and water is draining smoothly.

Use a toilet auger

Also called plumbing snake or water closet auger, this device is usually made of metal is used to move through the drain to get rid of the clog that’s causing water to stop flowing smoothly. It has a thin adjustable shaft with hooks or barbs at its tip which when inserted into the drain can break the toilet paper mass into tiny bits so that it dissolves in water. Just push the hooked end into the toilet drain at the same time rotating the handle. Continue pushing inward until you see that the stuck mass of toilet paper has totally dissolved in water.

Use a coat wire hanger

Yes, this common household item can be used the same way you use a toilet auger. But first, you need to unwind it until it is fully straight so that it looks like a long wire. Poke it back and forth into the toilet drain until the clog has broken down into tiny pieces.

Now if all of the above fails, then it’s time to call in the best blocked drain specialist Melbourne wide as your last resort.

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