Serious injury claims can be challenging to handle for both the insurance company and the claimant. They require an in-depth analysis to ensure that all parties get the best out of the deal. But even before we delve so much into the subject let us face the question; what does serious injury involve?

Serious injuries are critical injuries that lead to long-term impairment. It, therefore, goes that serious injury claims cover largely head and brain injury, spinal injury, amputation, and back injury claims.

Claims for serious injury entail three types of losses, commonly referred to as compensatory damages. The losses are economic losses, future economic losses, and non-economic losses. Economic losses include medical expenses, hospital bills, prescription costs, OTC medication costs, lost wages, child care expenses, time off work, home maintenance expenses, and fuel costs that’s doctor visits costs.

Future economic losses involve prolonged medical treatment, long-term care, physical therapy, future hospital costs, future medical expenses, and future hospital costs. Non-economic losses, on the other hand, include permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, pain and suffering, loss of social life, loss of companionship, mental anguish, PTSD and loss of education experience.

Winning serious injury claims is quite a daunting task to many. Here are a few tips to help you succeed in pursuance of serious injury claims.

Safeguard your Medical treatment expenses and records

When a person is seriously injured, they out rightly must go in search of proper medical services. Unfortunately, they cost of such services is usually very high. These costs may include ambulance rides, medical treatments, surgeries, doctor’s appointment, physical therapy, X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and follow up care. Medical examinations give experts a clear picture of injuries.

These expenses are part of the financial recovery in severe injury cases. Ensure records regarding these expenses can be produced when needed by various authorities and also let them be authentic. The level of compensation in serious injuries claims depends on the nature, extent, and seriousness of the injury.  Medical reports are critical in determining your claims. Without them, you got no point to prove.

Also, to make your medical documents more authoritative, you can request your doctor to testify against them through written or stamped correspondence. Your doctor has all the material facts concerning your injuries, and also he or she understands what is in your medical documents. Hence, the doctor is at a position to respond to any queries raised. Mostly when doctors are involved, its’ sporadic causalities not to be compensated.

Report the accident and have evidence

As soon as you’re involved in the crash, report the matter to relevant authorities and your insurer in particular. Other authorities include doctors (to provide you medical report for court purposes), the police and even your attorney. On the other hand, work accidents must be in the work accident book.

Reporting accidents to authorities ensure the matter is preferable. Most Insurance companies win their cases against claimants by use of technical grounds; if you make a blunder by failing to report the accident, insurance companies will trump over you. Ensure no gaps within your submissions, observe high accuracy levels. If you don’t know how to be systematic on your reporting statement, you can involve insurance claims expert.

Evidence plays a vital role in compensation for serious injury claims. Evidence should encompass accident and the claimant injury. The exercise includes taking pictures of the scene of the accident, writing down the incident narrative, and taking witness details. Witness details include full names of witnesses and addresses of witnesses. To make it even productive, you should record witnesses’ statements by video recording since some witnesses are paid by some rogue insurance companies to recant their statements.

Seek help from an attorney

With your medical records plus reporting the accident, you’re almost fixing your insurance companies. All you need now is an attorney, and all will be well. Serious claims lawyer will easily prove liability of your injuries since parties involved will try their best to shift the blame make it difficult to determine who’s liable. An attorney will also determine the real value of your injuries. Insurance companies have perfected the art of convincing injury victims to accept lowball settlement offers, an attorney that has handled severe claims for a while, will not succumb to unworthy payments. Insurance policies are purely contracts which mostly are complicated. A lawyer will also explain you laws and regulations that apply on your claim.


Serious injuries are won easily if all relevant documents regarding the accidents are authentic and systematic. Therefore, before commencing proceedings ensure your documents have got what it takes to win the struggle. Ensure relevant authorities are aware of your accident, and all dates recorded must be compatible in various records. Different dating will work against you. Finally, attorneys make work more comfortable for you. The will serve your interests in the entire expedition.