Regular car servicing helps you stay safe and save money.

Usually car owners delay car service and repair either due to avoid the servicing huge bills or for lack of sufficient time. But the fact is that it helps you spot minor issues before they become big, expensive or dangerous, thus help ingavoid fatal accidents and even emergency vehicle break downs.

Before you rush to ask Google which is the best car repairs near me? It is good to know about the crucial checks that regular car servicing includes?



Oil keeps your engine lubricated and clean! Ignoring a regular oil and filter change or oil levels leads to loss of lubrication and even allow metal fragment or dirt to build up in the oil making it thick and abrasive, which can damage your engine.

Just as quantity, the age and quality of your oil is important to keep the corrosion off and protect your engine. Ideally you should change your oil filter each time you change your engine oil because using a clogged oil filter allows unfiltered oil to pass through the engine which can prematurely damage your engine.

Apart from engine oil, regular car servicing also ensure crucial checks on other important car fluids like transmission oil, radiator fluid. Transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, Coolant, windshield washer fluid. When was the list time you got the oil and filter changed for your car?


Tyres are your only contact with the road and proper inflation has a direct impact on your safety, the ride quality and fuel economy.

You can’t just tell the tyre pressure by simply looking at them, instead you need to check them at least once every month using proper tyre pressure gauge and even check the tread depth using a tyre tread depth gauge.

Regular tyre maintenance, tyre rotation and vehicle alignment ensures better fuel efficiency and longevity of your tyres. Thus, routine checks allow you to spot an issue and offer better safety while also helping you save money on tyres.

Over inflated tyres reduces the tyre contact patch with the road which causes rigid ride, uneven tyre wear and reduces acceleration while driving with under-inflated tyres may cause loss of grip and low braking performance too low a pressure reduces the rolling radius, thus lowers the fuel efficiency.


If you don’t regularly have your breaks inspected stopping your car can be an issue and your car may even meet an unexpected break failure.

Regular car servicing includes testing and inspection of break pads and discs to ensure ride and road safety. Equally important is testing all the lights in your car including the headlights, break lights, indicators, cabin lights & parking lights.

Regardless of the car you own or how often your car is used, if you are in Sydney, regular logbook services during the initial years and a routine car service in Sydney is essential to keep your car efficient, reliable and safe on the road.

Full service car repair in Sydney can indeed be time consuming and daunting! Therefore choose reputed mechanics in Sydney to get the best possible on-road performance, better fuel efficiency as also to avoid major car expenses or unexpected car breakdowns.