Every home has its problems from time to time. No matter how hard we try and look after our house, sometimes issues arise. Below are three of the main problems houses can face:


We rely so heavily on electricity, so we freak out whenever something goes remotely wrong. Unfortunately, electrical problems happen to most homes at least once or twice a year. They can be minor problems like a blown fuse, or major ones like a full on blackout. Sometimes an appliance in your home can short circuit and end up blowing a fuse in one of the plug sockets. It’s frustrating because then you can’t plug anything into that socket until you replace the fuse. Another regular issue are lights not working in your home. For whatever reason, the light in one room can just stop working. In this situation, you’re best off calling an electrician to take a look and replace the circuitry. Then you have the most severe issue; blackouts. This is where the power in your house completely goes, and you’re left having to use candles to see. Again, call in help if this happens, so they can identify and fix the source of the problem.


It’s extremely common for your home to fall victim to issues with the foundations. You can get cracked and worn down walls that can have terrible effects on your home. If your walls have holes in them, then it’s going to be letting heat escape and leaving your house cold. Then there are issues you can get with the floor, like holes and sinkage. It’s not uncommon to see sunken floors in the house, where the foundation has wasted away over time. If you do get problems like this, it’s important you get the proper foundation repairs to fix them. These type of problems can get a lot worse the longer you leave them, so best to fix them asap.


No matter how new our plumbing system is, there’s always going to be problems surfacing. The most common plumbing issues are leaky pipes or blocked toilets. Sometimes the water pressure in a pipe can be too much and lead to it cracking slightly. This leaves you with the annoying problem of water dripping out of it. If one of your pipes is concealed in the walls or ceiling and starts leaking, it can end up causing damage to your home. It can leak through the ceiling into the rooms below and lead to damp or mold. The issue of a blocked toilet is usually more down to you, rather than the plumbing. Flushing too much toilet paper down the toilet can cause it to block up the drain and leave your toilet unusable. Similarly, flushing things down there that you shouldn’t, can also block the toilet. These problems can usually be fixed by yourself or a plumber, depending on severity.

It’s important you know about these problems so you can be prepared when they arise. It can also be helpful for when you’re looking to buy a new house.