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Whether your pain is intermittent or chronic, doing something about it quickly is critical to your quality of life. While there are a lot of pain medications available through prescription and over the counter services, many struggle to find a pain reliever that doesn’t actually leave them in worse health than before. To protect your future health and address your pain, check out the tips below.


Turmeric is used in Indian cuisine and is the source of the bright yellow color found in curry. It’s also high in curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that can help your tissues shed toxins.

Antioxidants aid in pain relief by reducing the tissue inflammation caused by free radicals. Free radicals are the toxins left in your body when it breaks down the poisons we’re all exposed to in our air and water. Over time, free radicals can build up in our tissues, leading to inflammation, which can impact our nerves and lead to chronic pain and terrible flare-ups.

Boosting your antioxidant intake with turmeric and increasing your water intake are both good ways to help your body process these toxins and get rid of them. Water supports your cleansing organs, including your kidneys, liver, and gut or colon. Turmeric can also reduce the inflammation and irritation of ulcers and other digestive challenges.

Additional antioxidant-rich foods include berries, green leafy vegetables, any fruits or veggies with intense red and yellow coloring, and green tea.

CBD or Hemp

It’s important to note that while the cannabis plant can be used to create a “high”, CBD is not a euphoria-inducing chemical. There are many compounds in the cannabis plant that have positive medicinal benefits, and cannabidiol is one of those families of compounds.

If you’re considering using premium CBD products, start with a small dose as every individual reaction is different. A standard sublingual dose of CBD under the tongue can help you sleep, but a microdose from a vape pen can actually create a sizable energy boost.

For pain management over the long term with CBD, you may need to use multiple options. A dropper of oil under the tongue can help you rest, while a microdose or an edible gummy mid-morning can help you to manage your discomfort during the day without causing sleepiness.

Try a dose in a place where you can stretch out and sleep if the urge hits, or where you can get up and move around if you feel energized. Once you know how you’ll react, you can plan your dosing method and dosage amounts accordingly.

For joint pain, you can also try a CBD cream or lotion. This product is applied externally on joints or scars that cause pain. You can use this product preemptively; for example, if you’re headed out on a long car trip or a long walk, you can apply this product to your back, your knees, or your feet before the painful process starts and hopefully reduce the impact, level and length of likely pain.

Movement in Water

The idea of moving to counteract pain may seem counterintuitive, especially if the movement is what got you into trouble in the first place! However, if you’re not dealing with a post-surgical healing situation, getting into the water and moving will make a huge difference to your body and your spirit.

If possible, get into a warm pool. Walk along the edge of the pool slowly, moving into the deeper area so the water level moves from your waist toward your shoulders. Try lifting your knees in a slow march to reduce the resistance and flex your feet on each step down to limber up. Once you are about armpit deep, turn and lean your back gently against the pool wall.

For back pain, this is a great place to stretch. Loosen your upper back and shoulders by putting your fingertips on your shoulders with your elbows pointing front. Let your forehead fall toward the water and allow your muscles to stretch. If this feels good, raise your head and pull one elbow across your chest gently with the other hand. Switch sides.

Float on your back with your knees slightly bent. You can let your arms float above your head as you pull your navel in tight and strengthen your core. Move back to the shallows and face the wall, widening your stance and stretching your inner thighs and pelvis. Being in the water takes the pressure off sore joints and your spine.

These are just a few of the natural methods of pain relief that you can use to reduce your discomfort and build strength. Consider a dose of CBD before a workout in the water to make it easier to move. Use a little turmeric with your meals to keep inflammation under control.