Over the years, Salesforce has turned out to be incredible CRM software. While integrating Salesforce with businesses comes with multiple benefits, many have failed to take full advantage of it due to ignorance. The truth is, you can use Salesforce at more advanced levels than you think regardless of your staff level. When it comes to software integration, self-learning comes handy. You don’t have to rely entirely on what the administrator taught you. From blogs, YouTube videos to Salesforce documentation, there has never been a shortage of learning resources. Hopefully, this guide will prove useful in exploring certain areas.

Create email templates

For companies that have Salesforce fully integrated into their business operations, there is need to take advantage of email templates. What you will see are standard templates with some mail major functionality aimed at easing your tasks. While many people consider this, only a few people are aware that they can actually create personal templates for themselves.You probably have your own preferable way of addressing leads. You do not have to type the same words several times a day while fumbling with some information trying to personalize the email. You can easily adopt email template and save yourself unnecessary stress.

Explore AppExchange

Many people using Salesforce DXbarely know about AppExchange and that is where they miss it! If you are familiar with App Store for iPhone, grasping the concept of AppExchange should be an easy task. AppExchange presents you with the opportunity of finding and installing relevant applications into your Salesforce Org. Such apps can prove useful in providing additional functionality. The available apps vary from simple free programs to apps that are more sophisticated such as FinancialForce. Be sure to check them out. If you find something that will ease your work, the administrator should not have issues installing it.

Take advantage of list views

Regardless of your reasons for adopting Salesforce, you will spend the better part of your time handling list views. It might be the day’s leads from your site or a list of opportunities closing at the end of the week. Many people seem to be content with the standard list views provided by Salesforce. For users, you are probably sticking to those given by the administrators. You do not have to limit yourself that much. At the end of the day, you are the only one who understands how best you work individually with your company. At one point, you might need wider single list views. For other tasks, it might be appropriate to use the multiple specific list views. It is, therefore, necessary that you go ahead and create list views as it deems fit instead of relying on what is standardly available.

Salesforce is already an interesting platform that is proving more useful with each passing day. Therefore, it shouldn’t be an endless source of frustration every time you get in front of your desktop or laptop. Instead, the experience should be a more captivating one. Learning a few hacks is the sure way of ensuring that!

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