During the winter months, you have the opportunity to take care of several types of maintenance that it’s harder to take care of at other times of the year. By taking care of this maintenance now, you’ll know that you’re ready to get moving with these items during the spring and summer when you need it most. Take care of these basic home maintenance tasks now to reduce your frustration.


Air Conditioner

There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioner go out in the middle of summer when you need it most. In some cases, repairs can take time, especially if you have to wait for parts to come in. Instead of dealing with it at the worst time of the year, take the time to conduct that maintenance over the winter, when you don’t need to use your air conditioner. Companies like Alabama Climate Control can likely take a look at your heater at the same time they do maintenance on your air conditioner. You’ll find that it’s much more efficient and less frustrating!


Your air conditioner isn’t the only air system that you should be paying attention to. Your heating system is obviously important during the winter, so repairs are welcome, but you should also be planning for the future. Write down any problems that come up during the winter so you can have them looked at during the spring/summer. Take advantage of the constant heating to make sure your air filters are working, your vents are clear, and your thermostat is accurate. Test these components often so you know what you need to have repaired.


Sprinkler System

During the winter, there’s no need to turn your sprinkler system on. That makes the winter months the perfect time to conduct any needed maintenance or repairs on your sprinkler system. Make sure that you schedule needed maintenance during a time when it’s unlikely to freeze since there may still be need to turn on the water and you’ll want to make sure it can run through the water lines without freezing. Remember to turn off the water completely and clear the pipes before you finish up so your repairs don’t go to waste. The last thing you want is to turn on your sprinklers in the spring and find that you have burst pipes or broken fixtures.



The winter months are the perfect time to find any gaps around windows and doors. These gaps can let in cold air during the winter and send your air conditioning flying out the door during the summer, leaving you with higher energy bills and a fight to keep your home at the optimal temperature. This time of year, however, it’s easy to detect drafts and other leaks. Go through your home and check out windows, doors, and any other areas where drafts could sneak in, then go ahead and repair them. You’ll get to stay warmer and enjoy better energy bills throughout the winter.


During the winter months, home maintenance might not be your priority. By ensuring that you have these items on your to Do list for the winter, however, you’ll keep your entire house in working order, reduce your energy expenses to make it easier to pay your bills and make sure that you’re ready to dive in and enjoy your repairs when spring arrives.