If you are the proud owner of a 4×4 off road vehicle, you are always looking for innovative ways to add some style and character, and thanks to the ongoing development of technology, new devices and gadgets are emerging all the time. One area that is particularly exciting is lighting, and with the emergence of LED units, the off road enthusiast is empowered to be very creative, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas to make people look twice at your RV.

1. Coloured LED Strips:

If you want something that looks a little like a UFO, why not stick some blue LED strips under the vehicle? This will give it an eerie appearance at night, and if you put a separate switch in, you can turn them on at will. The hardest thing will be finding the right location under the vehicle, and the best effect is achieved if the lighting is not directly visible. If you are looking for 4WD LED driving lights in Australia, for example, there is an excellent online supplier who happens to have such an extensive range of auto accessories. You won’t want to go anywhere else. If you are not into having a glow reflection, you can put a few on the front bumper, or perhaps some red LED near the tail lights that are wired to the braking. The most important thing is to get a genuine supplier to sell you the coloured LED Strips. You als need a highly qualified technician to fix the system so that it fits in place in a seamless manner.


2. Row of Spotlights:

Such is the wide scope of design and size, you can really go overboard with a row of stylish spots, and if ever you need to illuminate a footie pitch, this will be ideal! Avoid cheap substitutes when shopping for spotlights, and by using a reputable online supplier, you can be sure of genuine items, and at lower than retail prices with some suppliers, you have a great deal. They can either sit on top of the roll bar, or have an impressive row on the front fender, or if you really want to make a statement, fit both. If you would like a broad review of the various types of vehicle headlights, there is an interesting article that can serve as your guide. The most important thing is to make sure that you fit them perfectly on your 4 X 4 off road vehicle.

3. LED Bars:

If you want stylish illumination, look no further than LED bars, and with such a range of sizes, colours and styles, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. If you want something loud, or prefer a subtle arrangement, there are quality units that are simple to fit and will ensure that your ride is always noticed wherever you go. If you spend an hour or two Google imaging, there’s no end of inspiration, and once you have found the right look, sourcing the right lighting is easy with online suppliers. Make sure you identify a reputable supplier so that you don’t fix substandard products on your valuable automotive.

If you are looking to add a few accessories that will really make your set of wheels stand out, there are online suppliers of quality lighting and other unique add ons, and before long, you will find something that ticks all the boxes, and your 4×4 will soon be the centre of attraction. With all this information, you now have great additions to your 4 X 4 that will surely turn heads.