A divorce is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Dealing with the emotional discomfort, does not leave much time to deal with the financial aspects. There are many things that people do wrong in a divorce and the biggest is not having an attorney to represent their financial aspects.


An attorney should be represented by each party. A couple can get one attorney, but the attorney will only represent the client that hires them. Because of this nature of the business, the other party can be taken to the cleaners. Most of the times the debt will be split according to who did it, or rather who can afford to pay it.

Clear Financial Guidelines

Another mistake that divorce couples make is not setting up clear guidelines for child support in the divorce. If the couple is trying to be cordial, they may try to work things out friendly. What the other person no longer realizes is that when other spouses enter the picture, it is possible things will no longer remain friendly. It is advisable to have clear financial guidelines set out before the divorce is final. The other parties only complicate things and even the best situations can turn nasty quickly.

Financial Obligations

The biggest mistake of all in a divorce is taking on more financial obligations than what one can handle. Trying to keep a beloved home or car may seem like a good idea, but it is actually can be a huge financial problem. When there are two incomes, it is easy to make the bills. When the income goes down to one, there may be unexpected hurdles that are not thought about. In the heat of a divorce, it may seem wise to take the home from the other person. Divorces can ruin credit and can destroy credit scores.

Lenders know that divorce can destroy a credit rating. Thankfully, payday loans are available for those who find themselves in a cash crunch after divorce. Other lenders are not as lenient as a payday lender and this gives hope to those who have cash problems after divorce.

When facing divorce it is advisable to have a good attorney and a game plan for the future. Not every divorce is the same and each one will have unique circumstances. When there are children involved in a divorce, it only makes things worse.

Take care of the family by making sure to have your  financial future secured, even when facing a divorce.