Have you ever wondered whether laser treatments are right for you? The thought of seeing your skin burn is terrifying to most people, especially if you haven’t tried laser before. The good news is that laser treatments are generally safe for everyone, including infants and young children. Children suffering from CLOVES syndrome and other vascular malformations often show improvement after receiving laser treatments. You must remember that this procedure is intricate, just like any other medical treatment; therefore, only an experienced doctor should perform these treatments. If you are thinking of trying laser treatment, you should visit the health and wellness center in Yuma which is led by a team of experienced dermatologists whose specialty is performing laser treatments.

Your doctor will guide you in choosing the right laser for you. However, it’s always good to do your research because you can never have too much information. Here are three things you should consider before choosing a specific laser treatment.

What Are Your Skin Concerns?

It’s always good to narrow down your skin related issues because laser treatments vary depending on the concern. Some lasers are solely used in hair removal so you wouldn’t want such devices to be used for your acne.

For instance, if you plan to get rid of port wine stains, then the best device would be pulsed dye lasers. Depending on the size of the discoloration, you may only require local anesthesia and can go home after the treatment. If yours is large, then you may have to go for several procedures under general anesthesia.

Another concern could be getting rid of facial wrinkles. You will require an ablative laser treatment such as Erbium or CO2, which are used to stimulate collagen production hence reduce facial wrinkles.

You must note that if you have dark skin, there’s a high risk of hyperpigmentation. This should not discourage you, and that’s why you must get proper medical advice.

Warts are burdensome noncancerous skin growths caused by HPV. Laser treatment is the most preferred option because of its fewer side effects. Some of the lasers used include pulsed dye lasers as well as Q-switched lasers.

Tattoo removal, haemangiomas, and scars are other skin concerns treatable using lasers. Your goal should be finding out the option with the most satisfactory results.

Are You Looking for A Dramatic Change?

Once you have determined your skin concern, you must decide how dramatic you want the outcomes of your treatment to be. This is why you should know about the two types of laser treatments and how they are used.

Ablative lasers are invasive treatments that damage the top skin layer resulting in the formation of new skills hence reduce wrinkles. The most common are carbon dioxide lasers and Erbium (Er: YAG). Erbium is less harsh on the skin and has a faster recovery period.

Non-ablative lasers are less invasive and only create minimal injuries on the skin. These lasers promote skin tightening, collagen production as well as exfoliation. The most common types include pulsed dye and Alexandrite laser.

What Is the Recovery Period?

You may want to find out how long it will take for you to recover. Typically, ablative lasers are more invasive; hence there’s a high chance of side effects such as swelling, pain, and scarring. This would require you to take time off work, so it’s good to plan before booking your laser appointment.

The bottom line is that laser treatment requires a wealth of information and consultations with your doctor before arriving at a decision. If you are planning on booking your first appointment, then you should visit Peach Skin & laser, one of the best health and wellness centers in Yuma.