Sure Apple says their phones are different from any Android, but when it comes to the packaging they’re stuck in the same rut as every other phone manufacturer. Barring a few signature Apple touches, the black or silver rectangles bare little option for personalization. They can hardly be blamed. When they’re pumping out roughly 160 million phones each year, they need to have their production process down to a science. Their automated production line doesn’t have the luxury to create cool, customized phones unique to each and every user. That responsibility is up to you.

iPhone 6 skins

They say looks aren’t everything, but we all know that’s untrue. Whenever you’re ready to revolutionize the look of your 6 create a customized iPhone skin. They can take on colors and textures that are far from Apple’s basic catalogue of looks. To see what sort of options await you, check out the selection from manufacturers that use 3M vinyl, like dbrand.This material achieves the perfect balance between highlighting Apple’s signature design and providing a unique decal that speaks to your personality. It adds only 0.23 millimeters to the overall size of the phone, so it’s thin enough to preserve the 6’s original dimensions. Also If you like a lovely metal backing similar to the original iPhone, this Metal iPhone Cover will do the trick. You can play around with the colors and textures of these skins using a feature on their website. It allows you to see how each combination looks in real time, so you can be assured dbrand iPhone 6 skins will look great on your device.

Cool Backgrounds

Every time you receive a text or check the time, your 6’s lock screen will be on displayed. Sure, it could be a pic of your bae (bf, gf, or cat) but that’s so average. Take the opportunity to express your unique sense of humor with your background. Take, for example, @michaellbutlerr who posted this picture of Kanye from his Life of Pablo presentation at MSG. Yeezy’s arms are raised at the perfect angle to make it look like he’s holding up your clock or notifications. If that’s too much for you, there are a bunch of efficient widgets like Fantastical 2 and Workflow that can tweak your background, too.

Creative Wallpapers

Just like your lock screen, the wallpaper you choose to sit behind your apps can be fine-tuned to personalize your iPhone 6. For those of you who like a little order in their lives, you can use a photo of shelves or grid paper that line up with your apps. There are wallpapers that have been designed to provide a zen, uncluttered look to your phone. Alternatively, you could just post that perfect snapshot from your latest travels or a close-up of your dog’s paws.

Though simple, these techniques can take a beautifully made phone capable of many things and transforms it into something entirely yours. You may be sharing this particular model with millions of others, but nobody will know it by the way it looks. People will assume you got a special addition 6 made for specifically for you.