If you are a farmer, you’d sure be interested in increasing the yield of your crops this season.

It’s understandable, how crop yield determines profits for farmers and why it matters. But, as it’s not the easiest of the bets, here’s a bunch of tips that can help you.

Go through these 3 brilliant tips for increasing the yield of your crops this year.

1. Plant at the right time

While planting your crops at the right time is crucial for obtaining enough yield, it doesn’t mean you need to wait for the right time.

The right time can in-fact be right now.

So, what you need to do is test your soil for its ability to grow your crops at the moment. And if the soil seems ready, BINGO! This is the time to sow.

Today’s hybrid seeds create more sustainable products and hence, this can be used to your advantage.

If you plant early, one batch of your crops will be ready early. This will leave you scope and space for planting another batch of seeds for more produce.

2. Take Seasonal Soil Rotation Seriously

Plantation and farming is an affair that includes a two-way barter of nutrients from the soil.

As your crops utilize minerals and nutrients from the soil to grow as desired, they also supply vital nutrients to the soil.

And how is that important here?

Well, it’s important for farmers who plant recurring crops, season-by-season.

For example, if you planted corn this season, your soil would have received vital nutrients from the corn crop. Now, if you’ll plant the same crop (i.e., corn) the next season as well, you may be limiting the nutrient supply to your soil.

Although, if your soil condition is already too good or the land available to you is limited to a small piece, it’d still be fine to plant recurring crops like that.

Otherwise, by planting different crops, you can help your soil’s health and hence, increase your crop produce easily.

3. Speed-up your Planting Processes with Farming Devices

As farming can be an intensively tiring job, thanks to the science and technology that new farming devices have made life easy for all of us.

Whether you are to mulch your farm or spread fertilizers all over the land, there’s a device for all of it.

Some of the most extensively used devices that can help you speed up your farming processes are listed below.

  • Fertilizer Spreaders: As you look forward to distributing fertilizers all over your fields, you’ll have to put in hours of hard work for efficiently doing that.

    While, if you buy a tractor fertilizer spreaders for sale, you won’t have to worry much about this.
  • Concrete Mixer: Helping you skip the hassles of shovels or wheelbarrow by cutting the whole mixing task down to loading, mixing, unloading, a bobcat concrete mixer bucket can any day save the day for you.
  • Mulching Mower: While mulching is an important method of revitalizing soil of its potency, the manual mulching process can get you in sweat, using a mulching mower device can save you a great deal on money and time.


By investing in these devices, you can easily increase the efficiency of your farming processes, ultimately increasing the yield.

Final words

Your crop is the only product of the farming processes that you indulge in. Which is why it’s normal to try increasing the yield of these crops. But, as it doesn’t come off that easy, in this post we tried to help you with some tips.

Hopefully, this post was helpful.