The New Year heralds that time when people want to make significant changes, sometimes to their lives but often to their homes. Decorating and renovating some of the principal rooms in their house are often high on the list of possible projects. If you are looking for kitchens in Cheshire and are unhappy with the current layout of your kitchen or it is long overdue for an update, then this could be a great time to plan the perfect kitchen for your family. Here are just a few of the kitchen design trends that look set to be big in 2018.

Statement Shelving

Open shelving has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of years, and that trend looks set to continue into 2018. It can help homeowners to create a real design feature in their kitchens by adding items that really reflect their personality; plants, small accessories and even decorative food tins could all help to make this a real focal point. This trend also offers the ideal opportunity to add more greenery and therefore incorporate another important interior design trend that is on the up; bringing the outdoors in and adding eco touches to your kitchen. This is of course also a great way to add extra storage space to a smaller kitchen.

However, don’t discount that hidden storage which will be more popular than ever for helping to hide away a multitude of items that you don’t want on display in your kitchen; think tall larder style units, internal drawers and pull out storage systems.


Handless doors proved very popular in 2017, but they look set to make a comeback this year. However, we are not talking black or stainless steel, the popular choices for handles seem set to be ornate ones with more contemporary cabinets and bright coppers or even rose golds for more shaker style kitchens. And look out for matching accessories getting in on the act as well, everything from lighting to plug sockets.


The kitchen islands have become something of a focal point in the kitchen, no longer are the afterthought to fill a big space in the middle of your otherwise somewhat empty cooking space. One of the big changes you should expect to see is that the single level, multiple use island is on its way in. Expect the larger kitchen island of 2018 to be a real multi-functioning space, with under the counter appliances, seating areas and plenty of storage, making it the perfect place to socialise with your guests while putting the final touches to your meal. In open plan properties, you might even see the kitchen island extending into the living space creating a truly multifunctional space.


When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood is still very popular. However, in 2018, we may well see other options, in particular, ceramic flooring becoming the on-trend flooring. Thanks to advances in the way ceramic flooring is made you can now get a wider variety of designs and styles; in fact, you can even get ceramic tiles that look like wood flooring but with all the easy to maintain properties of ceramic flooring.

Smart Appliances

From the boiling water tap to the whole host of WIFI ready appliances that can make it possible to control your kitchen, smart appliances are set to be a real design trend in 2018 as we seek to make our hectic lives easier. Gadgets like Google Home and the Amazon Dash Button could also become kitchen essentials helping to order ingredients and find recipes with just a few simple voice commands while the homeowner gets on with other kitchen tasks.

With all this choice, it is essential to take your time planning your kitchen renovation, but consider some of these trends, and you’re sure to have a kitchen that stands the test of time.