Month: February 2017

Is A Dysfunctional Thyroid Gland Responsible For Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition where patients experience chronic generalised pain, fatigue, tiredness, muscle stiffness, mood disturbances, waking up not well rested and memory problems. The muscles of patients with fibromyalgia have no pathology, therefore making this condition a pain disorder. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made by identifying the following criteria: There must be chronic widespread pain on both sides of the body and above and below the waist. There must be tenderness experienced when pressure is applied to at least 11 out of 18 specific points on the body. Fibromyalgia and thyroid disease When these criteria were studied,...

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7 Fall Foods to Boost Your Sex Life

When the weather gets colder, we tend to go from eating mostly refreshing and cold foods to those bit more on the warm and hearty side. But other than that, our choice of food during the harvesting season is also endless, and many of these foods pack a punch regarding nutritional value. Nutritiously dense foods, like many of those harvested in the season of fall, are known to improve sexual health among other things. So, taking advantage this season of some of the fall’s superfoods is bound to show in the bedroom. In case you were wondering which fall...

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Know The best ways to Drink Amla Juice and Get healthy benefits

India is known for the land filled with medicinal herbs and plants out of which some of them you may not find elsewhere. There are so many herbs that work as anti oxidant, anti-inflammation and has some of the best medicinal properties that offers you the lasting results without causing any kind of side effects. Talking of which amla also known as Indian gooseberry is one such fruit filled with nutrients that gives your body better boost of energy and is known to offer a good well being. It plays an important role in the life of diabetic patients....

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Want to make the stall design an appealing one?

With the increase in the competition in the market, there are a lot of things changed. One of such things is the way of promotion of products. To encourage the buyers and aware them about the products the business houses have to make extra efforts so that the potential buyer can be converted to a buyer and the business can earn revenue. For the promotion of products, the businesses go for a number of ways and means. One of such known option is to participate in the exhibition and attract more and more visitors to the stall. The stall:...

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Use putty on walls and feel the difference

If you buy a home and visitors, come to meet and greet you how you would feel? You will feel good and honoured, isn’t it? But what if they stare at the cracks in your walls and start suggesting options for the same? Obviously, you will feel that you must have removed the cracks before their visit. However, to hire a mason and ask him to feel the cracks is not that easy as it is a time-consuming as well as a costly affair for any individual. Hence the best option left to you is to use the best...

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