Month: December 2016

The Power Of Deduction: Tax Deductions When You Are Self Employed

Tax deductions and what you can claim as expenses when you are self employed is a bit of a minefield. There are many self employed people and freelancers that are aware that certain things can be used as expenses, but dare not put them down as expenses for fear of hassle further down the line, thinking that they will have more issues than just the difficult and dreaded tax return. But knowing your expenses and what you can reclaim from the use of everyday items is not just common sense, it is an essential method for you to put...

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Thinking Of Dry January? Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Whole Family Will Benefit

Have you been considering doing dry January? For the past few years now, dry January has been very popular. That’s because a lot of us drink a bit too much over the Christmas period and new year. After all that indulgence, not drinking for a month is a great way to get your health back on track for the new year. But there are many other reasons why you should consider dry January. One of the best is that your whole family will benefit. Not sure how? Here’s why. You Will Have More Money If you and your partner...

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Workout Ideas for a Better Sex Life

If there is one dream a lot of men relate to, then it can have that chiseled body to die for that the ladies find irresistible. Over and above that, a lot of men desire to deliver the best sex possible to their spouses. This is a big challenge, especially for men who are of ages past 35, as there is a natural dip in testosterone levels. To counter this, one needs to work even harder to achieve similar gains they used to have when they were much younger. Below are some of the few things to think about...

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Snoring Solutions from Health Experts – Things to Know

Do you get elbowed often by your bed partner because of your snoring? Millions suffer from this seemingly unstoppable condition. Though relief for snoring seems complicated, the cause is quite simple. Snoring occurs when your airways narrow so airflow is interrupted. When your body spends more energy trying to breathe, the tissues surrounding the airways begin to vibrate, causing those horrible snoring sounds. The narrowing of the airways, including of the nasal passages and back of the throat, can happen due to various reasons. Some people, mostly men, are born with extra tissue on the nose and the throat...

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Apply For A Cash Advance When The Holidays Drain Your Reserves

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to eating, drinking, and spending time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of Americans who look towards the season with some trepidation — and it’s not because they’re expected to make nice with estranged family members. Many individuals find the holidays a financially stressful time of the year. Between decorations, gifts, food, and travel plans, the added cost of the season puts significant strain on struggling budgets. When most of their paycheck is going towards festive cheer, they might not have enough...

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