Month: July 2016

Fix and Save: 4 DIY Repairs You Didn’t Know Were Super Easy

Ever wondered how you can save money in such economically challenging time? An area commonly overlooked is the expenses of hiring third-party contractors to repair broken items or systems. Crying wolf every time a floorboard screeches or a door handle breaks off can be a costly mistake. Fortunately, it takes minimal time and effort to learn these DIY repairs that could save you some vacation money. Clogged Toilet Before panic dialing your plumber, there are at least two things you should first try yourself that could unclog the toilet, and in the process save you anywhere between $45 and...

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How to Keep Your Home Looking Good Year-Round

Keeping the house nice can be a difficult task. Picking up after yourself alone can be hard, and then there are other chores that need to be done on top of that, like dusting and sweeping. Between picking up after yourself and the seemingly constant cleaning required, you may worry that your home will never get fully cleaned. If you have a hard time keeping the house looking nice year-round, here are a few tips that might help you stay on top of it. Staying on top of things is awesome to do. Make a List Having a list...

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Why Aren’t You Including These Elements in Your Business Plan?

Launching a business often sounds like a fantastic way to start making some money. If you’ve had an idea, there’s a possibility you could make it a success. However, businesses don’t magically grow on their own. You have to put a lot of work into them, and many people fall at the first hurdle. What many people do wrong is rush into setting up their business without creating a plan. Some people will argue that a business plan isn’t essential. However, there are many reasons that having one is useful, and sometimes they are vital. They can give you...

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Can Expanding Your Business Be A Bad Idea?!

The title of this piece has probably caught you off-guard. You’re used to everyone telling you that expanding your business is the way forward. It’s what every company should try to do if they want to be successful. You hear this advice given all the time to small business owners. But, it might not be the best advice after all. When you have a look at some small businesses, you realise that expansion is a bad idea. I know you’re still confused, so, allow me to demonstrate my point. Listed below are some arguments on why expanding your business...

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Things to Keep in Mind while Selecting the Bed

Your bedroom is your ultimate refuge, where you retire after a hard day’s work. This is the place where you seek comfort, relaxation, and ultimate rejuvenation. So you need to choose the most appropriate bed for your bedroom. There is a host of things to keep in mind while buying a new bed for your bedroom. You simply cannot just land up in a warehouse or a shop and get a bed. Many of you would do just this and end up in buying the wrong bed for your bedroom.  It might be too small or too big for...

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