Month: October 2015

The best place to play is outside

Wasn’t the outdoors amazing when you were a child? You were the king of the jungle, only the jungle was probably your back yard. Young imaginations go wild outdoors. Playing outdoors is all about running, jumping, climbing, sliding, sometimes falling, but getting right back up and going at it again. Play outside is healthy on all kinds of levels. It’s boodles of exercise. Anything can be used for play with a child’s boundless imagination, and the possibility for adventure is endless when friends are over. Here are a couple of ways to encourage your child to leave the screen...

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That brilliant smile will never be lost now

Your smile is one of the best parts of your personality. Not only it makes you beautiful or handsome, but adds nice layer to your personality as well. This is because; when you are smiling, you are opening your heart, yet conveying so many things, words cannot express ever. So, taking care of your smile is extremely important. There are various ways of taking care of your smile and aspiring for inner peace is one of them. This is something which will keep on inspiring you for smiling, but there is another aspect of smile as well. Becoming aware...

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How To Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

Whether you learn from a failed business, a failed relationship. or just some random mistake that someone else makes, it really does pay to learn from other people’s mistakes without needing to make your own. Some people do learn best from their own mistakes, but why not avoid the trouble by watching what others do? While there is some good to learning from your own mistakes, and some people prefer to learn that way, you may be able to save yourself some time and heartache by learning from the things that happen to others. Look At The Cost Look...

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How I Made My Dining Room Perfect For Guests And Family

Recently, I’ve been on the path of redesigning and improving my home. But before that thought occurred to me, I’d already completed an expensive, slightly time-consuming upgrade of my dining room. I wanted it to be the perfect place for entertaining guests as well as having evening meals for the family. Here are the steps I took to make this dream for my home a reality. Step 1: Draw Up A Plan I’m not talking about an architectural map of the room or anything. It was just a little doodle to make sure I knew what was going where....

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Adding Extra Space To A Property

I love my home, but I wish I had more space. My home is by no means a tiny little shed where my family and I are on top of each other all of the time. It just lacks that extra bit of space that would make all of the difference. I have to come to realise that we all wish we had more space – even the millionaires who live in big mansions are not satisfied. So, I’ve decided to share some of my tips and tricks for creating space. Hopefully, you will start to see the difference...

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