Month: December 2014

How to transform shipping container into a living area

One of the most intriguing architectural ideas for a new home I found about recently is a modified shipping container. Yes, you read it right, a shipping container. I know, your first impression is similar to mine: cold, claustrophobic, stifling, alienated, and the list goes on. Well, you (me) could not be more wrong. With a clever, carefully thought through and craftily performed transformation, a shipping container can be turned into a beautiful, multipurpose living area that is equal on all levels, architectural, functional and aesthetic to any other type of house. . Also, you can buy one for...

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Tips on running, organizing & growing your small business

No business got anywhere without having proper structure and organization. This is pretty much true of any segment of our lives really, business especially. When you business runs chaotically there isn’t much to plan or do, but you basically sit around and wait to see how things will play out, hoping they’ll turn out just the way you want them to. So, it’s time to you took matters in your hands and did a little bit of organizing. Organizing small businesses is even easier than organizing big ones as there is less paperwork and less things to worry about...

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How Save Money on Your Car Expenses

Having a car gives you some kind of comfort, freedom and independence. This, of course, has its price – the price being all expense you have due to the fact you own a car. Cutting down car related expenses starts with the day you decide to buy a new car, regardless it being your first one or you are just replacing your old one. Don’t be foolish and naïve and buy a car at the first car dealer you’ve found. Search around and find the best deal for you and your budget. Buying and leasing prices may be significantly...

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Can Photo Booth Be The Perfect Entertainment Irrespective For Ages

When it comes to planning a party or an event, you do need to consider a number of factors to ensure its success. While food, décor and music add much to enhance the theme and atmosphere of the party, entertainment definitely does its bit to keep all yours guests hooked. However, arranging entertainments for a family party definitely gets extremely challenging. This is highly because of the wide age range of guests. While cocktails might make the adults and elderly happy, this is something that will not work children and teenagers. Similarly, while candy floss and popcorns might do...

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How to Get Fit After Breast Augmentation Surgery

After the surgery, you will need some time to heal and to make sure everything is all right. Step by step, your rehabilitation process will continue and you will reach the point when you can and should be back to exercising and keeping fit and healthy. You may have some concerns about how, when and how much to exercise, but luckily, you are not the first one with this type of questions and there are women who have done this and the doctors who have monitored their progress. Therefore, here is all about the workouts after breast augmentation. Stretching...

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