Month: June 2014

Creating Artistic Landscapes with Decorative Pebbles

When we purchased our home on the Gold Coast, we knew we would enjoy the lovely sub-tropical weather throughout the year. This also started our endeavor to create a stunning garden without spending tonnes of money. Of course, we inherited the garden from the previous owners and were quite happy with the way they had maintained it. Nonetheless, we wanted to add our own touch to it with the help of some hardscaping. We zeroed in on decorative pebbles, as they were inexpensive and allowed us to be as creative as we wanted to be. Let’s dig into them…...

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How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

The big day is upon us and it is time to organize this beautiful event. You’ve started from the beginning you defined a date and booked a place. Later you went in search of the perfect dress, wedding rings and decorations. Ticking one thing at a time you’ve reached the photographer. You are now wondering how to find the right guy for you. Here are a few tips to help you in this quest: Define your style Before you contact any of the photographers you need to know how to define and describe you own style. Search the internet...

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What Could be Best Gift on this Father’s Day? Gift Flowers to Your Dad

We all love our fathers and would like to show our reverence towards them on Father’s day. It’s just another way to honor fatherhood, showing love to our Dads and respecting their sacrifices for their kids. Father’s day was founded in United States in early 20th century by Sonora Smart Dodd who is considered as the man behind Father’s day. It was founded by him at the YMCA in 1910 in Spokane, Washington to promote the male parenting and celebrate fatherhood. Although it started in United States, but the concept has spread around the world with many countries celebrating...

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6 Tips To Create Great Bedroom For Your Kid

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that every part of a house, such as dining, living, children’s room and bedroom demands different designing and furnishing approach. The idea here is to fulfill the requirements of each section in a unique way. For example, a kid’s room pleads for a playful and soothing ambience. Mentioned below are 6 tips to create great bedroom for your kid. 1. Wall decoration Walls offer a great opportunity to motivate kids and enhance their logical and creative skills. Decals, murals, alphabet and nature based posters, and wallpaper are some of...

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7 DIY Skin Toners To Get Fresh And Natural Glow

A regular skin care regime can go a long way in providing you a younger looking beautiful skin. Apart from regular cleansing and moisturizing, toning is an essential part of skin care ritual that most of us neglect. It helps in shrinking down the pores of your skin to avoid any further deposition of impurities present in your surroundings. It also helps in tightening the skin providing you a wrinkle-free, soft and supple skin. Although, there are many chemical skin toners present in the market, they may have allergic reactions on your skin. If you want to keep away...

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