Month: April 2013

The Health Benefits Of Snow Sports

If you love skiing or snow boarding then chances are that you’re something of an adrenaline junky who enjoys the sensation of rushing down the side of a mountain. For most of us, life mainly involves sitting indoors in an office and typing away at a computer. It’s a great way to bring in a stable income and to provide for our families but it’s hardly very exciting and sometimes you need something a bit more adrenaline fueled. Still though, adrenaline is far from the only benefit of snowboarding or skiing and just as impressive are the incredible health...

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A Farmer’s Wife: Wonderful Wacky Ways to Meet Farmers

The life of a farmer is often hard with long working hours but many women consider them to be an ideal partner for marrying and having a family. The thought of bringing up children in a rural idyll with a hard working family man is a very attractive prospect, so how do you increase your chances of becoming a farmer’s wife? Start with the obvious The clue is in the title of the event, but if you want to meet a farmer then try going to a farmers market because that is where they will often go in order...

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Spice It Up: Five Ways to Rekindle the Fire in a Relationship

You know that feeling when a new man comes into your life and into the bedroom, everything seems so fresh, exciting and romantic and you want to spend as much time together as possible. As much as we would like that initial magic to last forever, relationships just don’t work like that, so if your initial passion turns into a long term relationship, then there will almost certainly come a point where you may need to rekindle that original fire, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Here are five ways to get those fires burning brightly again Remind...

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The Things That Men Hate About Women

Have you ever wondered what it is that causes your boyfriend/ husband/ partner to become irate for what seems like no reason? Most women probably have and the truth is, it could be you. If your entire life revolves around your man then the likelihood is you’re smothering him and your relationship won’t last. Men love women in their lives just like you love them but at the same time they need the space to carry on enjoying their own hobbies and they want you to do the same. Men hate bitchy women, so if you’re continually making comments...

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